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become a phone sex operator
UK Companies

I’ve wanted to do this for quite a while now and have searched and searched on the internet but I don’t seem to ever find any UK companies! Are there any that anyone knows and they can recommend to me? I’m a 19 year old student and desperately need to make some cash! If I can make it whilst lying in my bed at home them why not?

Thanks in advance for any responses.


inquiry ABOUT UK companies

At the sexyjobs.com site, there were two companies based in the UK that were hiring..I do not know if they still are but they ran ads forever, so check there and see if they still do…some companies keep what I refer to as a “permanent fixture ad” in there ALL the time..those you gotta watch out for--apparently they have a high turnover rate for girls or they would not need to keep an ad running continuously-those seen only on occasion, or briefly, either are new, or they do not have a high turnover rate, and only hire when someone quits, which must not be very often, or they too would keep a constant ad running towards the top of the page-but-I have seen two UK companies in the last month needing girls—read the smaller ads closely, they may still be there.

Phone Sex Operator

I work for www.dataproservices.co.uk I get loads of calls, and get paid ontime weekly, no targets, no pressure, and Im have the best time, people say PSO do burn out after a while, Ive been doing it for 8 months and cant get enough lol


UK Phone Sex Conpany!!!

Hi future PSO:-)

I am a pso, and love it!!! I don’t have a car at the present time, and so working from home gives me the ability to still make cash, and pay my rent, and bills, and save for my car!!

I work for 2 companies. The one that I just got hired at, is in the UK and hires in the US as well (that’s where I am at). They pay by direct deposit to a bank account only (no prepaid direct deposit visa cards/reloadable). You pick your own hours, and get paid per call, based on how long you kept the caller on. There are NO HOLD TIME AVGS!!!! Something that is important. AND they are a reputable company that has been in business for many years. They are called Universal Talk, and there website address is http://www.universaltalk.co.uk/

They like to respond by e-mail before calling you, so try this for all 411 and if you don’t get a response via e-mail..try calling 1-866-435-2494

Good Luck To Ya!

**Also..try www.psodivas.com (tons of info. about pso’in)

sexy jobs

Lots of companies keep banners up on sexyjobs I don’t I rarely put up anything there but does not mean that turn over rate is not high. It is higher than I would like. I still have my orginal hire girl, but have fired a lot of girls or have had a lot of girls quite. That is the nature of the business.
When you find a company you want to work for do a search on them.
There are yahoo groups that are for pso and there is psodivas. Look them up there.
I mention psodivas and they do not even like me. Well they don’t like the look of my site. But they have some good information.
And remember people say many say I make $1500 a week that is rare.

You can type in the words phone sex uk in google and find those companies you want to apply to.

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