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Write a list of 43T from my childhood that are truly Canadian and make sure my children get to do the same (read all 2 entries…)
Ice Skating

I remember the little colored tag I laced through my ice skates when winter came calling and there was a outdoor skating rink within walking distance at the local community centre. I wasn’t much of an ice skater; never learned the proper turning or stopping skills and could only ever skate forwards. But I loved it anyway. The crisp chill in the air on the days when it wasn’t unbearably cold, the outdoor speakers playing the hits of the 80’s, buying hot chocolate inside the community centre. Sometimes going in the early evening when it was dark enough for the outside lights to be on, but not too dark for me to be out. Usually I went by myself but sometimes I took my little brother with me. I remember one time, now this is a little embarrasing, I was being harrassed by some kids at the rink and I’ve always been a little timid so my little brother defended me! I will have to remember to ask him if he remembers this.


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