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This is the life... aaahhhh

I love being on long service leave!

I’ve had a productive day (compared to my languid day yesterday!) and now it’s 4.45pm on a Wednesday arvo and I’m sitting here with my laptop, a bottle of Omni Blue (champers) and some soft, creamy Brie with cracked pepper water crackers looking at my freshly cleaned fish bowl (Kevin and Brian say hi!) and listening to the radio – which I hardly ever have time to listen to! I am SO blessed!

Plus, my man’s coming over after work tonight, so I get to fall asleep in his arms, listening to his steady breathing and feeling the warmth of his body against mine. Aaahhhh….


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Hi Kevin and Brian!~

Such cool names for a couple fish… LOL.

Gypsy is not really around much anymore...


But it gets worse… they have personas too. Kevin is an effeminate accountant who wears big, thicks glasses and stutters a lot and Brian used to be truck driver, but has now discovered his passion and works as a drag-fish at night… his stage name is Princess. No… I’m not on drugs… or drunk. I’m just kinda strange…


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