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Dawn is working on getting her life back!

Lose 70 pounds (read all 6 entries…)
Moving onto this goal, now.

I finally made my 60 pound goal! So I am working on this one now. I really need to lose another 20-30 pounds by spring. My brother is getting married in May, and I did something that is out of character for me. I bought a dress for the wedding, but I need to lose that 20-30 pounds to get into it. (it was very inexpensive, so I’m not totally stupid! LOL) So I have to work my butt off to get it done! Wish me luck!



You have made a lot of progress since I have last checked out your goals! You’re awesome! Next time I meet someone who has a plan to lose a whole lot of weight and is getting discouraged, I’m going to show them your profile and tell them to read your entries.

Goals and achievements.

Dear Dawn,
Your goal is awesome, your achievement
of that goal is a success story in and of itself.
How did it all turn out? Your last entry was 2
years ago. What happened, how far did you get, and are there any updates you care to share?
I see what you have shot for as something possibly different than how you listed it. You said your goal was to lose 70 lbs.. I see it as losing 10 lbs. seven times in a row. Smaller bites to the task make for bigger results in the end. Best of luck, lots of
love and know that there is a whole section of America that is rooting for your continued success.
God bless the mighty ones that know to dream big for small dreams have no magic.

Mama Squirrel ….out

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