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Well! I have come out as genderqueer now, still working on what that means. I bound up my breasts for the first time and went out on Thursday in a suit and tie – which was a little bit scary, a little bit painful (wrapped them up a little too tightly, I think!) and a little bit liberating. I’m not sure what to do, ultimately – been thinking a lot about changing my name, re-evaluating my wardrobe, and so forth, but I think I could use some debriefing first.


exploring gender is so amazing!

high five to a fellow genderqueer!

if you don’t mind me asking, what KIND of genderqueer are you? anyone who hadn’t heard that you were genderqueer might take the breast-bindin’ and male garments as sign of transgenderism – I’m curious why you chose that step. are you one of those genderqueer who identify as “both” genders?

gender identity is just such a FASCINATING topic. I hope you’ll excuse my questions; my brand of genderqueerism is a feminist rejection of gender as we know it, so all this really intrigues me!


Hey, no worries...

I feel more like “neither” than “both” to tell the truth, and I feel more comfortable with and/or more like feminine bio-males than masculine bio-females or FTMs. I don’t identify as transgender per se partly because I have no desire for male parts or to live as a man. I’d rather not have any gender at all, or not to be forced to pick one or the other. I don’t act or think like women, but I don’t really act or think like men, either. I could use the word “androgyne,” but that implies a mix of both genders, when really, I don’t even feel like part of the same spectrum. However, in an attempt to blur the lines, I have presented in a more masculine way lately. It helps, but it’s not quite the whole answer. Still working on it. Anyway, thanks for the comment.

Me too!

I’m also “neither”. I’m intersexed – chromosomal male with female genitals and a uterus. I don’t identify with either gender so I’ve started to explore my newfound gender freedom. It’s great because I haven’t even got breasts, and men’s clothes fit me just as well as women’s. I think it’s good, because I can pick and choose from any clothing department, choosing what I like, not what others like for me. I’ve been indoctrinised by my society, but recently I’ve finally begun to break out of that mould. Cheers, fellow genderqueers!

whatever it is you're doing...

you look awesome rev724

KaliTime Camaralzman is knitting and crocheting like a mad woman. Argh!

I agree with rev

You look cool. I hope it’s working out for you. :)

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