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contact the dead
i just want to talk to my dead brother and sister one more time.please help.x

im desperate to find out if my brother patrick and sister donna are ok, i think if i knew that then i could go on with my life.
can any one help me….????


Hi Patricia,

Just wanted to let you know that you can tell your brother and sister whatever you want them to know, just talk out loud to them, they will hear you.

Look for signs that they will send you all different ways, i.e. lights flickering, VCR’s acting strange, license plates that have a meaning for you, billboards, etc. They will get a message back to you.

Just know that they are fine. When we cross over the things that plagued us here don’t over there.


You can see them and speak with them, just ask ,with your thoughts that you want to speak to them , they will come to you in your dreams.

Listen for them in your dreams and remember

The key is remembering your dreams. You will eventually dream of your lost family members. They will speak to you in these dreams which are not true dreams, but visits. When my brother died 8 years ago, shortly after I had a “dream” which I never forgot. We were in my car and on a long bridge with no rails. It was only 1 lane wide and on one side was the sea, and on the other side was a deep valley. Ordinarily I would have been terrified to drive over a bridge like this. We talked about his chidren as I drove ever so slowly. We talked about love, and we talked about the fact that he could breath now (he died from melanoma of he lung). I told him I was so sorry for driving so slow and now had to stop and make him walk back because I knew I could not stay with him any longer. He got out of my car and sarted to walk back with a big smile on his face and he threw me a kiss. Listen for these visits and REMEMBER them. They will happen if you believe. I know he is ok and one day he will meet me on the bridge when I am ready to go.

I want to do the same thing. My younger sister died a year to this day (my dad 3 months before her) and I long to contact her somehow.

I dream of her every so often and i ALWAYS grab her and hug her or tell i love her, she gives me a funny look!

but the other morning i dreamt she visited me and i hugged her so tight and i could actually feel her somehow.i woke up to find myself hugging thing air, but i truly believe she came to me.

so definitely look and listen for them in your dreams.

i hope you find some comfort soon

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i joined up just so that i could say this:
i am 13 years old and my sister died 4 months ago and the fact that u are so insensitive, inconsiderate and selfish to say something like that is discusting and i agree with everything skyr76 said. i hope you rott in hell you filthy git!!!


how sad r u you u very sad person i hope nothing like this never happens to you. god forbid i have lost my brother and u dont know how it feels and i hope u never do .sad person.

(This comment was deleted.)
(This comment was deleted.)

Dear Derrygirl80.
I hope you have been able to contact your brother and sister. I have been trying the very same thing for a long time. I also lost a brother and sister. I never knew my brother Dale as he was born and passed before i was around, but I did knew my sister Tracy, I know just how you feel. sometimes it just feels like you are never going to get anywhere. I sometimes worry that there is nothing on the other side….but for what all of us living people feel, surely there has to be somethingon the other side?

Best wishes. M.

lost friend

hello if anyone can help me that would be great. a friend of mine just passed away a couple of weeks i ago i really liked him n he did too the feeling was mutual. the last time we talked was on my bday n then he died 1 day later. i think of him everyday i dnt want to but i do. i didnt dream of him after a week n half later n i kept asking myself why i couldnt dream of him. but when i had the dream i asked why he had to go so early n i missed him. now its hard to dream of him again i dnt know why n really want to talk to him i tell myfriends if i see him n would b so happy i just feel that we had unleft bisness. i dnt know what to do if anyone can help me please do.

Love CrIstY

....I don’t care that this site is old in this catagory….I NEED to TALK. Isn’t that why everyone is here?

....my husband died last year. Right after that, my best girlfriend. Then, 4 months ago my Dad and my sister within a week…...the night my sister died——my bedroom light SURGED…became really bright then dim….I instantly said “Peggy”? Why did I even think of her? I have no concrete religious beliefs.
.....5 days after my sister died my Dad died…...and since he has passed I have had MORE odd situations -all involving electricity. (maybe there are more, but I haven’t acknowledged them) To put things in a nut shell…. My Mom and I saw her living room light blink and go out—for at least 5 minutes as I told her I “don’t feel
Dad, just Peggy…” . It has been months and that bulb is still intact. The craziest event was as I came up out of a laundry room in a old home—and the single lightbulb fixture began blinking quickly as I got to the top of the stairs…I sat on the top step and cried. I have never claimed to be psychic or thought anything about being psychic….I would have played the ponies if I had!

I just felt it was Dad. The bulb went out. Then came on within 5 minutes. It is the same bulb today 4 months later. That’s just one too hard to explain.

That was the deciding reality that life goes on. So many questions plague me. Are they here whenever they want? Are they ok?

On Father’s Day-a couple of weeks ago-while at Mom’s living room—-the light blinked. Mom automatically said “I guess a storm is coming.” I know she is frightened, but I can’t imagine why. I know they aren’t here to hurt us.

DREAMS….I don’t know. of course by the standards I am talking,... anything is possible. ...... I “thought” I felt someone holding my hand as I was semi-awake one night…..

I could be greiving, maybe I am in a nuthouse that allows using the internet…...believe what you may. But Life does go on. What form? For who? Hell, I don’t know!

ok, I have NEVER commented on any site before…so this may sound stupid. Why is there a cross-out line over the words “a couple of weeks ago”.. I thought it was a edited thing…..enlighten my ignorant self…..I know I am opening myself up for a host of jokes…..but I am not joking. It was a couple of weeks ago—-and how do you edit a line like that?

No, I am not a ghost-buster.

joie de vivre I'm back now

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