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Lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks
Not Impossible

But I don’t really know how healthy this goal actually is. My goal really is to lose 10 pounds as fast as possible, not necessarily in two weeks. I guess I dont need to lose 10 pounds, but I can afford to and need to be in shape anyway. These new sweaters I bought would look so much better if i lost 5-10 pounds.


perkyanda mmm, boston.

2 a week

Its not healthy, really. The most you should lose is 2 pounds a week—which makes 5 weeks a reasonable amount of time to try to lose 10 pounds in. That’s still really an aggressive pace though.

Drink lots of water, watch what you eat (quality is important, not just quantity) and get moving in some form of exercise you can like or at least deal with!

I use the www.sparkpeople.com website for my weight loss—it tells you how many calories to shoot for, and lets you track calories eaten and burned. I’ve only lost about 10 pounds since August 20th, but then… I occasionally (ok, often) mess up my diet, especially friday and saturday night (and thursday’s during grey’s anatomy) drinking.

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