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A forthcoming addition

We are expecting a new baby at the end of April or early May. It ought to be exciting!



Wow, congratulations. What wonderful news!


Babies rule!

yakuza is missing his 43things friends... Hi everyone!


That’s great news!

Thanks Chuq

Thanks for the congrats.



How exciting for you!


I’m pleased to say, I love babies!



Well if you didn’t like babies that would be a bit of a problem ;)

Absnasm is mostly elsewhere.


Congratulations, splendid news. Exciting!

Thank you—it is exciting!

Absnasm is mostly elsewhere.

If I'm ever in Seattle...

..and you want a babysitter, I’m your gal. Babies love me, and I loooove babies. Especially in pies.

Make the pilgramage

While I’m not too keen on feeding you my baby, you could definitely get a guest room in exchange for babysitting.

Absnasm is mostly elsewhere.

Ooh! Thank you, sir.

The possibility of a trip to Seattle has been discussed on more than one occasion. You never know, you may live to regret that offer.

I promise you I won’t really eat your baby. I’m vegetarian, for a start.

Does - Paolo

Most likely

this day has already came, but still,


Josh Petersen has gotten 21 cheers on this entry.


I want to:
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