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Swimming lessons -- an update (Bibo kid)

I was their bibo kid for the day. I got the freestyle form perfect and I was quick to learn the basics of backstroke.

The free stroke should involve a 45 degree plunge of the arm jutting outside the surface of the water—plunge the hand and glide. The other hand that does the same process must be able to tap the hand of the straightened arm (streamlined to the surface of the water).

I should also maintain that my head is below the water.

My kick was perfect.

What I should work for next time is relaxed breathing. I seem to always grasp for air. I should learn how to do deep breathing.

The Patrick
Floating: The body should be straight and relaxed. Special attention should be given to the lower back. It shouldn’t be arched.

Next move is to do the kick. Kicking should be done in reverse. The force should come from the bottom up, feet should be slightly tense and pointed.

My error, however, is that my left foot seems to have the perfect form but my right foot is bent. Hence my swim is in an arc position. I bump into people. (My friends joked about a guy that I bumped into. I interjected: Love at first kick.)

Onwards to preliminary backstroke position, after the Patrick (starfish position), the hands would spread, then arms up the head to a streamlined position. Hands should place above each other.

Great swim! I’m looking forward to our next session!



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