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Proud is Thankful for her beautiful new daughter.

Log my miles as I train for the Rt.66 Marathon (read all 82 entries…)
Bad run Friday...

Last Friday I’d planned on doing a long run of at least 18 miles. Well, the good news is I learned a lot from that attempt. The bad news is every little thing seemed to go very wrong and I only ran about eight instead. I overslept and had a plane to Chicago to catch that afternoon, so that cut my run short from the get-go. I went (by myself – a mistake)) a different direction on an unfamiliar trail and it took me down secluded, creepy trails. My MP3 Player battery went dead about the time my shin splints started to scream at me. Menstrual cramps made breathing in deeply (especially sniffling) a sharp shooting pain in my lower back. No drinking fountains on this trail. My Morton’s Neuroma acted up and every step with that foot was like a red hot knife stabbing in it. I actually called my sister, intending to ask her to come pick me up, but she wasn’t there. When Hubby later commented how tough I was for not giving up, I conveniently left out that part. Anyway, This Saturday or Sunday I’ll do my last long run before my taper. I hope it will go better. I’m sure I’ll prepare and plan better.


i've had some bad run days, as you know,

i have to not be in fear, very draining. For me the key is to stay very positive.
I have to Tell those negitve thoughts to be still!

and in the stillness be at peace concentrate on my breathing, the beauty, a mantra, spirit, anything but negitiveity.

I know you saw a doctor about you foot,
but if you havn’t, do-it, arrangements can be made.

my congrats to your husband, he won the race by stayin with his brother. too cool!

I graduated from Jenks, America! I guess you’ll be running thru there on the route 66.


Proud is Thankful for her beautiful new daughter.

Thanks Michael!

Fear does drain a person, but I will not let mine stop me! You are an inspiration and I appreciate it.

If my foot hurts too awfully after my long run I’ll go to the doctor.

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