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Money Messages Exercise

Please answer these questions yes or no (refering back to childhood)

Seeing how your past holds the key to your finacial future

1. did you friends have things that you didn’t: yes
2. Did you feel tha tyour friends had nicer clothes than you did: sometimes
3. did your firends go on better vacations than you did? sometimes
4. did you feel ashamed of having far more than your friends did or far less than they did: sometimes yes (far less)
5. were you ashamed to brings your friends hoe to your house: sometimes yes more yes than no
6. did your friends’ parents have more expensive cars than yours yes
7.Did you hear your parents fight about money: yes
8. did your mother hide things she bought because your father would yell: no
9. Did you have to be extra good in order to earn special treats during your childhood? don’t really remember earning any special treats really
10. did you get moeny every time you went to see your grandparents: they lived to far away, an when I saw them, the answer would be no
11. did you recieve only money as gifts, instead of the personal touch of a hand-picked present? no
12. Are ther gifts you recall receiving as a child that were particularly special? yes
13. did you steal from pggy panks, your parents wallents or the dime store, didn’t we all try that once or twice, never felt good about it, couldn’t keep it up
14. did you get less of an allowance than your friends or siblings got: yes, but I also sat my parents down and negotiated a dollar raise, that memory stays with me to this day
15. did you have to work for your allowance or was it gien to you as your right: had to work for it
16. did you get money for your birthdays, only from my mom’s mom 20 dollars every year
17. when you recieve money for birthdays, did someone tell you what to do with it, no


Good Exercise

I too believe your money management relates to your adolescence, as that’s when we learn about money first. Most assume schooling should teach you money management or your parents, and truth be told, the only person that can teach this is ourselves. I’ve been learning how to manage my money just recently, as I’ve finally accepted that money is real, and can cause many real problems. I always took for granted that getting everything you wanted was the best thing, and I know it’s quite the opposite. Earning everything you want, is the path to take, and just getting everything you want, is not an accomplishment. I believe money management can’t be taught or learned, but rather be an everyday lesson that never has a graduation date. Nobody is perfect, and money often points that out, but that’s how we learn.


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