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get my migraine headaches under control (read all 3 entries…)
bad day

started a new job yesterday. training is being done in a conference room to facilitate video conference with people across the state also training. big open window behind me, uncomfortable chairs, no support, etc. barely made it home before puking. have no idea what i was supposed to have been learning in the afternoon. sitting there was the best i could do.
tried to go vote. couldn’t get out of bed without puking. my partner had to go without me. at least one of us voted. now, i’ve been awake for an hour, trying to get some oatmeal and applesauce to stay down. i do NOT want to miss a day of training. i will go in early and ask the trainer about switching seats and such. i cannot have another migraine.
before yesterday i have actually been doing ok. small migraines that i can treat, or at least muddle through. this is the first time i have had uncontrollable vomiting in a long time. not fun. my throat is still sore.


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I can’t tell a difference with the magnesium, but I take it anyways. B2 seems to help me alot. I can’t take Feverfew because of its interactions with some of the other medications I am on.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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