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dye my hair white
How to turn your hair white...

I’ve bleached my hair white countless times and everyone is always asking me how the hell I did it. Now I am sharing the secret with you. You can do this at home for less than $20. Most salons won’t do this because they are scared of screwing it up, and if they do you can bet it will be for an obscene price.

You will need:
30 vol activator
powder lightener
plastic wrap
hair dryer
gloves (optional)

It helps if your hair is a lighter shade, but this can be done even to black hair. You’ll want to get some professional bleach from a nearby salon supply shop or order some online. How much you get depends on how dark your hair is; mine was dyed black and I went through four applications of bleach before I got to white.

The bleach and acivator will need to be at least 30 vol. You’ll want to get a bottle of activator (no less than 30 vol) with your powder lightener. I recommend Clairol Professional Pure White activator and Clairol Professional Kaleidocolors Violet powder lightener.

1. Mix the bleach and apply to your hair; make sure hair is completely covered in bleach. You may want to wear gloves for this part, but if you can stand a little pain you’ll be fine without them.

2. Then, take a sheet of plastic wrap and wrap it around your hair, covering it. You must do this so your hair doesn’t dry out during processing; if you don’t have plastic wrap, you can tear up a plastic grocery bag and use that, just make sure it doesn’t have any ink on the portion you use.

3. Process under heat for approximately 15 minutes. Just use your hair dryer for this. Let your hair cool off for about two minutes and then rinse.

4. Wait at least three hours before another application. Repeat until your hair is the desired shade. Just one application is not going to do it unless your hair is already a very light shade. If you see orange or a lot of yellow in your hair, you should probably do one more application.

Keeping it white: To maintain this shade and keep away brassy tones, I recommend a product called Fanci-Full Hair Color. It’s a toner and you can get it in the hair dye isle in most Wal-Marts. Just make sure you get one that is white because they make them for all colors of hair.

WARNING: Yes, a few pieces of your hair might fall out during the last application. Just be very gentle with your hair during washing the bleach out, drying, and combing your freshly bleached hair. It’s very fragile in the beginning but just remember to condition every day and your hair will be back to its original health in a week or less.

If you have really thin hair or hair that falls out easily, first rethink this and if you want to risk it, use 20 vol instead of 30 vol.


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(This comment was deleted.)

It doesn’t fall out a lot, just a few pieces do & some of it breaks. It sounds awful & I freaked out the first time it happened but it’s really not that bad. You can’t even tell.

Hey Sweety! Keep your hair healthy after bleaching!

I’m going to school for cosmetology and I love the color of your hair it truly looks professional! The body has a natural alkalinity of 5.5 meaning that ourselves and our hair is naturally acidic. When you use bleach to strip or lighten your hair you are putting an extremely strong base in your hair… this drys it out and makes it very unhealthy and brittle. A good way to get your hair back to its original alkalinity or close to it and keeping it healthy is to buy some white distilled vinegar and rinse your hair thoroughly with this… after you wash the bleach out of your hair of course. Make sure you work the vinegar into your hair thoroughly, you will be able to tell that your hair is getting back to its normal texture when you feel it’s less slimy and more coarse again. You can then put a treatment in your hair, I recommend ‘Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment’ by ‘Aveda’ hair care products… it runs for about 25$ to 30$ and always leaves my hair beautifully soft, silky and manageable!


welps…i wanted my hair to be white and i did all this stuffy here and hair is a strong ass blonde….so…wat should i do next eh…welps..i bought me a regular white dye and do u think i should use this????

Yes, really

What this lady is doing isn’t really the best method to white hair – but it is the method that will stay white with little extra help.

I realise that this comment was left practically forever ago, but it might be helpful for other people with this problem if I reply now. C:

Am I right in guessing that your hair was either very dark, or dyed? Just as an aside, dark hair should be slowly bleached over a few weeks for best condition. Bleaching hair this fast will leave you with hair like straw – absolutely nobody’s hair should be falling out or breaking like this after bleaching, and with all respect to the author it kind of shows that her hair is fried.
Don’t try it more than three or four times. Maybe your hair just won’t go that light. Don’t push it – you might end up with your hair falling out.
As for dyed hair, dye pigment often is a lot more resilient than natural pigment – some dyes can take a lot of effort to remove. There are a variety of products on the market designed for removing dye pigment – I believe that L’Oreal and Manic Panic do quite good ones.

The safest way to get white hair is to slowly bleach to about the colour of a peeled banana, and then use a violet or blue toner. It requires a lot more upkeep, but it’s far better for hair condition.

manic panic

one thing you could do is buy a toner called, manic panic virgin snow. it goes for about $9 at any sally’s beauty supply…maybe that would work. :D

Geo58 Former NFL Pro Bowl Junior Seau dead at 43

It's awesome looking...

It really is a great color on you, I love the look., I don’t know if I would ever want to dye my hair white but it looks gorgeous on you. Well done and thanks for sharing the picture. Your friends must really love the look.



George :)

I envy ur look

i have a medium blonde hair but i want 2 bleach it more lighter like almost to white blonde but it seems like everytime my roots grows then when i bleached my roots, it turn out orange and meh tips looks blonde. i went 2 d hairdressers for this but it seems like they couldnt get d job right.

my hair is so damaged right now and so frizzy but i realy wanted to fix my hair right away coz it looks very awful i mean who could a person deal with orange roots and blonde tips on his hair?

i red ur instructions on hw 2 bleach it but i was scared i might crew up thats why i just went 2 d hairdresser and let them do it but it just gets worse.

i ordered a thing called VIRGIN SNOW WHITE TONER FRM MANIC PANIC and it said, it can turn my hair white, should i do this or not? WHAT SHOULD I DO? =(

can u please help me?? any suggestions? pplleeaassee….

ur hair lookd amazing by d way, i am so jealous! keep it up…


go to this




Hey, i dunno what you should do with the orange roots but ive dyed my hair platinum blonde soooo many times!(as you can see) Plus!- my hair is natrually curly which causes split ends anyway so to condition it id say.. firstly make sure your normal conditioner is a good one… try john freida! but also buy a leave on conditioner.. they are one use conditioners you leave them on damp hair for 5 minns aprox and wash off.. they are fantastic for your hair!.. also while its in bad condition dont straighten it! this will dry all the moisture out! hope this helps! lemme know!

-source: ive dyed my hair lots, and its in really good condition atm!

Your hair may never be the extreme white you want, but...

I am sure that you can bleach your roots and your hair to an extreme platinum blond… if you want it to not have such a warm brassy color to it you can try using a cool colored toner. Anything with the words ‘ash blond’ on it should work! So try it out and let me know! I use a product called ‘snow white ash blond’ by loreal in my hair and it makes my hair the nice cool silvery tone I like it. I’m sorry I don’t have an updated picture of it, but It does look like something from a final fantasy or kingdom hearts video game!

Just wondering...

Okies I bleached my hair and because i didnt have toner i died it a champagne blonde using a home dye kit. Now i want it white…I bought some toner and i tested a streak on my hair and left it on. But this didnt change my colour what so ever. I s this because i died over the bleach and it only works on bleached hair (the toner)

I’m now considering bleaching my hair again and then adding the toner will this work??

PLEASE get back to me on this one..

Thanks xx


Best thing is to try bleaching and adding the toner to a strand again! so if it doesnt work, you havnt wasted anything.. but otherwise id say go to the hairdressers and get them to go as light as they will….

if not.. ive dyed my brothers hair white. and you can use “XXL colouring” pack.. found at shopping centers and pharmacys! it works but be prepared to have patience ! we dyed his blonde first.. ( his naturals like mousey dirty brown / dark blonde) then dyed it with the XXL colour and it went nearly white.. (however your result may vary in colour) but we used it again and it had a slight hint of yellow in but was white:) hope this helps… il find a pic n add later

ths is what i did!!!

Well from the tart ia a ark blond and i really didnt know ifi real wanted wite hair but anyway i went to sallys and bought this stuff called white it was in a small pouch 4×6 maybe and what i did as i put it in a non metal bowl cus it can bust the bowl in 1oo piecesthan youtake the 30 tonor and add 1 and 1 third of the tonor in the bowl with it and mix, than you pu blond blocker in it (the mix will turn brown or orange but it will turn white again)than you carefully dye the hair after that wap i in a grocery bag were you any see none of your hair and leav it in for abou 30 to 40 minutes than wash it out and yo will have it white onlyif your hair is alredy light.

(This comment was deleted.)


i’m not gonna say this does not work but… my hair was light brown and i wanted it white so she says violet powder and at least volume 30 well to me it’s something like go big or go home so i went for 40 and ah bunch of violet powder bags welll long story short didnt work out after 7 aplicattions yes…my hair is light wayyy ligther but it’s still light yellow it aint white i did everything that was told here and far more and yet didnt work i even left on 3 aplications that shit on my haid for 2 hours but no…didnt work either… i burned my head like shit its all wounded and my skin fell off :P and hell i think i prolly got brain damage hhehehe well i was about to give up but ah friend seems to have found something way more powerful than the violet powder i’ll try that today and see how it goes…. _ if i dont write back i’m my brain it’s either to damaged to even use ah computer or i’m dead XD Cheers!

Im trying to get it to be white…and I’ve dyed it again and gotten rid of the red in it. I think it looks really really blonde now, but I may still try for white.

Your hair is really pretty, I would love that color.


i was wondering if you could add me to msn. Im getting married soon and i want my hair As light as i can get it..i just wanted some help from you and to ask you a few questions. my addy is
add me please.

(This comment was deleted.)

dnt do thiss

ima hair stylist
dont do this
your hair will get soooo fried
all you need to do i bleach once, dye blonde then use toner, OR use the beyond bleach kit from
hair goes from black to WHITE in one app.
dont let her fry your hair!!!


You’re a stylist, and you suggest using a bleach kit from hottopic?
In cosmetology school, the first thing i was tought is to not use bleach kits. For good reason too.
They dont contain the raw materials best suited for decolorizing hair.
They have generally and sloppily mixed ingredients that the manufacteres know will do SOMETHING on all types of hair. That something could be lightening, or it could be damaging it to inexistence. The girl’s entry is the best way to go about it if you dont want to go to a salon. But i do honestly suggest seeking out a salon for this kind of thing. Sometimes it can work, other times, you can destroy your hair.
If you’re worried about a salon not doing the service, look up alternative fashioned salons in your area. [this means salons that do punk or goth styles.] Going from black to white is a difficult thing, but a skill stylist can do it. Prices run from 60$-200$. But they’re rarely THAT expensive. I charge 70$ per service. But this includes cutting the dead ends and conditioning the damaged hair. My clients always leave with hair that feels untouched by chemicals, but I do this by not bleaching all at once. It will take multiple visits, but you’ll get to try out a couple different shades of nice,even, intentional, blondes in between.

i did this

you need to try shimmer lights shampoo from the beauty supply..

good luck!!

holy shit!

This is not the way to get ur hair white blonde. That is the way to make your hair fall out on most people. If you would like more info on how to get ur hair white, email me. i do hair for a living and also have white blonde hair… I dont advise anyone doing this urself!!! Ur hair can go from good to gone in a matter of two minutes when bleach is involved!!!

plz email me i rly want to kno how
i rly want my hair white

i need you to help me!

helo me die my hair white.
e mail me.

I am going to try this white hair thing, can you help me out?
My email is
Thanks <3

I would really love to know how to get white hair. Not entirely white, but just the tips. You see i have Black hair with purple highlights. I have wanted white tips for about 2 years now but never found out how to get it. If you could e-mail me at i would greatly appreciate it :D.

I want white hair!

VodkaGoddess, I don’t know your email, how can I email you?
I’m haing problems & I really want white hair.
Right now its like gold with a little white strands & some yellow.
At first it was a yellow white color but I used shimmer lights & it turned some of it gold:( so that doesn’t work well for me.
I can’t afford the salon, and I am taking a cosmetology class, so i know some about hair and how to take care of it.
but what’s your email cuz I really need this. I want white hair so bad, this yellow gets on my last nervers.

(This comment was deleted.)

hey vodka

yo didnt leae a email but my hair is dark brow looks black and want to dye it half white safely can you messege me my email is thanks =)


Haha I’m only twelve but I really want to dye my hair and I wanna know like, I only wanna dye it white then forget about it and will it go back to normal eventually? cause i dont want random streaks of white everywhere… Hows you experience with it all? should I?

I did it easier!!!

My hair used to be a dark mahogany brown. I tried to use bleach many times to go white and it wasnt working for me. It kept turning orange.Instead of using bleach try using a froster…I use Clairol Frost & Tip. It works GREAT for me! And my hair doesnt fall out when I do it.

What is Clariol Frost & tip?

I want my hair like yours and the bleach does the same for me, also; I tried using shimme rlights purple shampoo that just turned my hair gold.

4 Things I swear by when bleaching my hair

I have been bleaching my hair for many years usually to add a bright color on top but my problem like many others is it would turn yellow or orange simply because I have naturally red hair!! After attending cosmetology school I learned a few secrets… There are 4 products that I walk into my local hair supplies store that I have been using since I finished school… 30 volume CLEAR developer, Quick White super strength powder lightener, Red Gold correction Plus (this is added to the mix to remove the orange or yellow or brassiness!!) APHOGEE 2 STEP TREATMENT this is very important it needs to be used after bleaching your hair to make it go back health again and keep it from falling out or breaking off at the ends!! As for bleaching your hair 6 and 7 times this is a no no!!! ok the good thing about bleach is you can leave it on for up to 90 mins ok I suggest you keep a check on it every 5 mins DONT wash it out if it begins to turn orange or yellow and leave it on until it is the lightest you want it is no different than bleaching it over and over again!!!

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