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Lark1 Life is better than most people think it

Put a message in a bottle and throw it out to sea (read all 3 entries…)
OK that's that one done

It wasnt as spectatular or romantic a moment as I really thought it would be and someone out walking their dog I think was wondering what I was doing and probably thought I was littering or dumping something, which wasnt cool.

Maybe it would have been cooler if I was doing it as a joint project with someone or it was a fancy old bottle with a cork and wax seal and I have a clever piece of parchment paper with a wax seal on the bottom of it or something.

It was an instant of when the fantasy doesnt fit the reality I guess, then again I think I could always make this a creative thing to do with some friends or an SO in future.


SpammySammy promised someone a cheer but can't find them! D=


I’m going to do this with a friend of mine, who I’ve been friends with for four years now. She’s moving next month, so it’s going to be very special. Sorry yours didn’t end up as meaningful as you wanted, but you can always do it again! =)

Did you include your email?

Wouldn’t it be cool though if someone found it and wrote to let you know? Maybe it felt a little anti-climatic because it isn’t finished yet – and won’t be until you know the bottle isn’t still bobbing around or gulped up by some tiger shark!

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