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stop picking my skin (read all 38 entries…)
Starting over.

Hello loved ones, it’s me again… The picker… :-p

Well, I went 16 days, which was pretty great. Then I got so tired of fighting my desire to pick, I gave in – a little at a time, a pick here and there, and then an all-out pickfest. Ugh. I felt so defeated!! But 16 days was an accomplishment. My face didn’t look perfect after those 16 days – I think I was having some major hormonal issues that added to the struggle – but I did practice some self-control, which was good for me.

I’m so tired of picking, and the scars are getting worse. I’ll be 30 next year, and I want to have this behind me!!! I’m going to try again. I’m starting over. All those gold stars on my calendar were awesome, but I haven’t had a single star since I broke my run two weeks ago. :(

This morning, however, I got a star. :) Yay!

(For you newbies, I have a calendar on my bathroom mirror. For each third of the day – morning, workday, evening – that I don’t pick, I stick a star on the calendar – 3 stars per day. After a week, two weeks, etc., of no intentional picking I reward myself…)

Cross your fingers for me. This is so hard!! But I want to succeed. I think I can do it. I have to.


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