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loverstreet Power to the people!

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I'm tired of non-quantifiable goals!

I’m a scientist, dammit! Like it or not – I need to be able to count stuff. The rest of my 43Ts are going to be more black and white. I’m going to save this gray stuff for only the really, really worthy goals.

...But this is one of them. I waste too much of my mental energy reliving old stuff or anticipating things that will probably never happen. But I think I’m doing a little better with it. When I find myself wandering mentally into stupid scenarios that I know I won’t get the chance to re-do, I say to myself – “pull out of it, kid!” So – that’s progress, right?


Keep it SMART, right...?

I work the corporate end of pharmaceutical research (CRO). I have found that SMART goals are really the way to go, even though they sound like mumbo-jumbo when you’re stuck sitting through the management seminars!

R=Realistic (this is where I fall apart!)

Now you’ve got me thinking…I’m going to look at my list and see how many are SMART.

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