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Kimberly returns to 43Things yet again!

get my driver's license
Long wait

I didn’t get my license until I was 22, entirely out of fear. I was lucky, and lived in places where it really wasn’t all that necessary (for five years, I lived in a town where everything was within a ten minute bike ride).

For me, the secret was really to find the right person to teach me. Friends and family had tried, but they ended up making me more nervous despite their good intentions. Finally, I lucked upon the best instructor at a local driving school who really made things seem simple. I couldn’t imagine life without my car anymore!


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Kimberly returns to 43Things yet again!

I’m the same way—I had some really awful instructors. But really, what kid thinks “When I grow up I want to teach people how to drive”?

The day before my test, I had scheduled a last lesson to practice but the good instructor was booked. The woman was so abrasive that I had to stop the car after 15 minutes and tell her the lesson was over and I wanted my money back.

I have to be a good driver now—part of my job is to deliver wedding cakes!

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