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forget you.
you know who you are

in a short time i fell in love with you and you end up smashing my fuckin heart, cant wait for you to leave my head, enjoy your x and remember shit will be good for the first month then its right back to the b.s ucried about, coulda beengood, you’ll never know.


KerriSmith is rejoining the 43 things world.

well didnt i learn my lesson…and here we are…and you havent forgot me and I havent forgot you! so where do we go from here?!? And we still love each other…and so I say lets go on..and be together…cuz together is what we do best…! sorry….......you’ll never know how sorry I truly am. <3

(This comment was deleted.)


hello my dear,
My name is Miss Vivian,my contact address is
(viviankoneh77@yahoo.com). well i came contact with your
profile today and i
love it i also went to know more
about you, only to contact me with this mail
above and i will show you my picturs as well.
I want you to know that distance ,race,age or
religion is never a barrier in the course of love.
Thanks for your love, understanding and co-operation.
Yours sincerely,


(This comment was deleted.)


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