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Geo58 Former NFL Pro Bowl Junior Seau dead at 43

Give out 3800 Cheers which is 200 less from 4000
Yeah! Thanks everyone for the incredible Cheer Bombing!!!!

My 3,800 th cheer went to the fabulously attractive and wonderful Fereshteh_joon who wants to color with her two year old daughter and six year old son, her loving husband who is writing a novel. She loves to dye her hair brillant colors, pink and blue and what I have seen she is such a stunning beauty in her attire. The only thing I would have to disagree with her is she writes “stop writing such long entries” as one of her goals. Please don’t because I just became a big fan of your writing style, can I subscribe to your web page?

Anyway, please send her a whole bunch of cheers that you can spare to welcome her properly to our 43 Things Community. stop by and say, “hello” and read her amazing adventure with her children and see if they buy a ferret. Thank you.



George :)



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