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love myself (read all 3 entries…)
Loving myself to success!

I want to do all that is good for me. I want to compliment myself, do things to make me smile, take care of myself, reflect on myself enjoyment, I want to believe everything will happen for good. I want to think of good things I will do for myself. I want to treat myself to something good. I want to take care of myself and look out for my best interest in the long run. I want to take care of my body. I want to teach myself good things. I want to build myself character to serve god purpose.

I envision when I’ve love myself advancely. I will become independent from other people thoughts and feelings. I will live life focus and determined to serve God plans for me.

Things I could do to love myself:

1.I could take a shower every night.
2.I could think good thoughts about myself.
3.I could treat myself to something I like.
4.I could look for my best interest.
5.I could think before I act.

These are the things I enjoy doing:

1. I enjoying listening to self develope audio, especially in developing character, courage, and business.
2. I enjoy thinking about business idea and plan
3. I enjoy building relationship and making new friends.

Things if I do would make me feel good afterward:

1. Studying for business/nurse
2. Organizing my stuff
3. planning my life to be more productive
4. Taking care of myself
5. Focus on what I am doing

These are the things I could think of right now that I could do.
I will do the things that will makes me feel good afterward 90% of my time and I will treat myself to 10% to do the things I enjoy.


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