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eat fries in france (read all 2 entries…)

You know French fries don’t really come from France..lol


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cute goal

I spent a few months in France w/ friends, and we stopped at a McDonald’s in Paris late one night for a snack. We were a little drunk so the fries thing was actually pretty funny to us. The food wasn’t quite right though. You would think french fries would taste better in France… most food does.


I’m pretty sure that French fries do come from either France or Belgium. They are certainly very popular in both places.

I HIGHLY recommend that you eat Moules et Frites somewhere in Northern France or Belgium. Mussels and French Fries are the national food of belgium, and the fries are served with aioli. Yum!

don't forget

they charge extra for ketchup over there and you have to ASK for it

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