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katie_marie Relocating again - on to Edmonton

Beat my depression (read all 12 entries…)
Family Discussion

My family loves me. I still cannot bring myself to tell them about the depression, about how this semester was the worst few months of my life, how I had times that i would have given up on life if I could have figured out how. Being home and seeing that I still cannot talk to them, it hurts so much more. I really wish that right now I could be in limbo, no feelings, nothing happening, no upcoming semester threatening to be as terrible as the last, no broken friendships to wait for them to heal. Its been only two days since getting home but i haven’t heard from my best friend after the fight. Maybe it won’t be until we see each other on New Years. That would likely crush me so I’ll have more faith in her.
Another thing with telling my family is that my nonno is very sick and everyone is just preparing and waiting. He is in such good spirits too. He would be so disappointed in the granddaughter of his who would give up so easily.


I hope you'll reconsider talking to your family

I of course don’t know your family, but it sounds like you have a caring family. Keeping your depression from them is probably the last thing they would want. I know that I would want to know if my son were having a difficult time.

I hope that you’re able to open up to them and let them be part of your safety net. Let the warmth of their love be part of your environment. This isn’t to say that they will necessarily know what life is like for you or how they can help, but I’ll bet they’ll be concerned and willing to help.

I wish you the best in beating this and getting yourself back.

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katie_marie Relocating again - on to Edmonton

thank you for the encouragement. I guess that I am just so used to keeping everything from them that they know so little about my life. We have never been a family to express feelings openly. The other thing is that my younger sister has experienced depression and she tried to kill herself. I just couldn’t do that to my parents but i suppose that its all excuses. How did you communicate with your family about it?

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