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reclaim the "Bond Girl" image (read all 4 entries…)
Totally Busted...

...and not in the sense of that fun cable show :lol:

While I have a better handle the makeup and (think/hope that I) no longer look like a toddler toy, I need to work on walking in high heels again.

Apparently, you lose a bit of weight and your body dynamics get completely thrown off. Doesn’t help that I have pelvic stability issues either. I know there are way worse things but walking around town hunched over like the letter “C” is not akin to a Bond Girl. More like a bonded clown.

Instead, I’ve found out that I’m supposed to stick out my pelvis which actually forces me to walk straight (even though it sounds like it would make it worse). Bonus: it’s a WICKED ab workout.

Next practice is Monday when I go for Interview Attempt #3 with a local stylist (who I’ve now chosen to call “Mr. My Chair Is Never Empty). Attire: New cuffed khakis ($15 and a jumpstart to this goal) and dark brown boots with 3” heels. Not sure about the top yet

Bond! Bond!? I’m coming…wait for me; just be patient!


SallyKitt "Action is the antidote to despair" - Joan Baez


Have fun with this! Just don’t get hurt on those heels!

Trauma_Junkie ready for recovery week, and data pushing.

have fun

And Happy CHristmas and Boxing Holiday!

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