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AFF 7 E-2 & 1st Solo!

I did my phase 1 graduation jump and my first solo jump this past saturday. It was a phenomenal event.

Posted about it: Reflections of a Newbie Skydiver




i’m guessing you know about dropzone.com? if you don’t already have your own gear, start looking NOW! :) it’ll be worth it and that way, you can avoid rentals. Congrats, man!

Much appreciated!

Aye, I’m over there but more lurker than participator. I do find the forums a great read though. Gear scanning is hurting my brain. I figure I need to talk to my coaches and such to figure out where to begin. I’m flying a 260 right now and that thing is huge, I don’t want to buy in to anything before I come down a few steps. That’s going to require a goodly amount of time at the dz to get familiar with everything. So much to investigate, so much to purchase, so much to do.

Why is it winter. ;)


Winter Solution: Come to Eloy!

i’m heading down there, in hopes of doing my first balloon jump in January. last year, i got a bunch of training down there, too, b/c the jumping weather is so terrible here in Seattle in the winter. they have great instructors there. re: gear, i got mine for a steal b/c i had my rigger look at the description with an estimate of what he thought was fair. and the price came down quite a bit from the seller b/c of that. i went with a PD190. i figure it’ll be good for another 2 years before i try to downsize. :) good luck! come to eloy. we’ll be there from january 19-21. you’re welcome to crash with us.

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