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start smoking
Daughter Wants to Smoke

My girlfriends 13 year old daughter asked for permission to start smoking. She gave her all the negative aspects but since my girlfiend smokes she does not have much credibility. What should we do?


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Daughter Wants to Smoke

I wanted to try smoking when I was 13. My mother smoked also. I actually stole my first Marlboro Red from her and smoked it in the middle of the night. I enjoyed it very much and decided to become a smoker. It was my choice. When I was 15 I asked her if I can try a cigarette. She asked me why and I got cold feet and backed off. When I was 16 I finally told her that I was a smoker. It was a relief to me. She did not mind. She gave me some tips that probably have helped me not become a heavy smoker. She said that I should only smoke around her, dont smoke the cigarette all the way down and some other things. She accepted me as a smoker and so did her smoking friends. She quit a few years later. I am still smoking now for over 30 years and still enjoy it very much. I do not smoke much, at most 6 or 7 a day. If it was not for her advice I might have been smoking more than a pack a day all that time. My health is very good and except for my yelowish teeth you would not know that I smoke. I guess, your friend should ask her daughter if she has already tried it. Her daughter will do it anyway, so might as well have a plan. If she had not tried it, then let her daugther try it with her. If she likes it then they should agree on how to smoke, much like I did. If she does not like smoking then there is no problem


i see nothing wrong at tall with it i think she should be able to smoke at home or anywhere else for that matter but i aldo believe a girl should smoke a feminine cigarette like virginia slim120s i smoke misty menthol120s but for pete sake let her smoke!

beautiful thought

Virginia 120s is a very beutiful and feminin ccigarette love to see sexy women smoke them verry few teens i have seen with Virginias

She is Teaching Her

After much debate my girlfriend decided to let her smoke if that is her choice. She bought her a pack (Capri Ultra Light Menthol 100’s) and gave them to her two days ago. She made her daughter light up in front of her. It was obvious she had never smoked before so she taught her how to smoke/inhale and after a day and 1/2 of coughing she is a bit dizzy but actually smoking. In some strange way it has brought the two of them closer. Now they both sit, talk and puff away.

Keep us posted

I’d like to hear how your girlfriends daughter is progressing. Does she enjoy smoking? Smoking more? Moving to a stronger cigarette?

Going Well

She is doing good. I think she said she is smoking a half-pack a day. Now that she is a regular smoking my girlfried moved her up the her brand Virginia Slims Menthol.

Happy to Hear

I am happy to hear that it worked out for both of them. I think your friend handled it the right way. Now they need to make sure that she keeps her smoking under control. No more than half a pack a day is the right thing.

How is the girl doing?

It’s been a month since your last post on this subject. Wondering how your gfs daughter is doing. Is she having any problems with not being able to smoke in school? Have her friends accepeted her smoking? Or have some of them started smoking with her?

What a dumb fuck!

when she gets cancer I hope that you are happy!

why dont you shut the fuck up and let smokers be smokers.

(This comment was deleted.)

smoking daughter, how is it with her?

The story of your friends daughter is for me an unbelievable story. If mother is smoking it is not easy to say no to your young child. I am a smoker too, I think I starten also at the age of 13 at school with my friends. I smoke now about 35 years and I’m still happy with it. But when I think of it I was too yount. My parents did’not know about my smoking. But when they knew I think they had forbidden it me. The daughter in question is at the moment may be 14 years old. Still smoking? How much a day, a packet? I am very interested, also in the age you think it is good to start smoking.


too young? its never too young to start smoking. I was just 8 or 9 when i started and I will alow my kids to smoke as soon as they are able to light a lighter and hol the cig. Smoking is wonderfully cool!!

Nothing to worry about.

Smoking is like most pasttimes, if you do something in moderation it’s fairly harmless – it’s when you do something to excess that problems start to happen.

The key here is moderation, smoke 10 cigarettes a day and your body pretty much shrugs off any negative affects, smoke 2 packs a day and your going to do harm to yourself.

As to what age is it ok to start smoking – well that depends on how mature a person is when they start. Some “children” are quite mature at 13, and it’s something that their able to make a rational desision on, while some others arent mature enough to make a rational desision at 17 or older.

My oldest daughter asked me and my wife if she could smoke “openly” around us when she was 15, both myself and my wife started smoking at about the same age ourselves, but we kept it hidden from our parents for as long as we could, ( in my wife’s case that wasn’t long ), anyway, since our daughter allready was smoking, and knew the potential dangers of her smoking to excess, we decided that it would be hypocritical of us not to let her smoke. Soon afterwards our 13 year old daughter asked if she could smoke too, and after a long “debate”, we said ok, but only at home and she coudn’t smoke openly outside the house untill her first day in high school, then she could smoke in public when ever she felt like smoking.

Now here it is several years later and both my girls are in collage, they are happy, well ajusted young women who smoke occasionally but seldom to excess. The youngest might smoke 5 to 10 cigarettes a day, her sister smokes like her mother, about a pack a day.

The conclusion here is this I think, if you do smothing yourself and your not hypocritical about it then you should let others have the same rights as you have. I enjoy smoking, my wife enjoys smoking, and I have heard both of my daughters say they enjoyed it as well, and since this is our own business and nobody elses I have no problem with any aspect of it.

It’s called “life” friends, people should be allowed to live it in their own way, I just wish my militant anti-smoking friends could come to grips with it and cool it with their bigotry and hysterical hatred.

Smoking is pleasure

I tried my first cigarette when I was 12. I had snitched a pack from a carton of Salems my older sister kept in the freezer, and smoked a couple with my girlfriends in the mall parking lot. About 6 months later, mom found out; but instead of getting all upset, she just asked if I enjoyed it. She also said I shouldn’t hide it and, after that, we just started smoking together. When my sister’d be back from college, she’d join in with her friends; so it got to be a real sociable thing.

While I smoked every day, I only went over half a pack if I was stressed or cramming for a test. After college, I traveled in Europe for several months, and was impressed at how relaxed people were about the whole smoking thing—non-judgmental and, like someone wrote here, in moderation.

Now that I’m a mother, I’ve encouraged my daughters-they’re 12 and 15-to be non-neurotic. Wouldn’t you know it, they both got curious about smoking at about age 10—11, and started up regularly at about 12. I pick up different brands for us, and we enjoy comparing flavors. My attitude is, if a girl wants to smoke, there’s no sense in being hypocritical about it. Let her enjoy it!

Fumar es un PLACER

EXCELENTE historia luvmyvs 120. Gracias por compartirla. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con tu pensamiento. Si una niña quiere fumar, pues, adelante..que lo haga, que lo pruebe, que disrute del sabor, que compare sabores, y que comente con su madre al respecto. Si quieres respondeme al mail, y… a disfrutar del humo!!

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Smoking perspectives

I guess I have a different experience. My mom has been smoking all her life. When I was 12, she caught me snitching a couple of her Kents from her purse. Her response surprised me: “Why do you feel the need to sneak around?” When I told her I had been smoking since I was 10, she seemed a bit surprised, but then reached into the freezer and handed me a couple of packs. At first I was a little hesitant, so we went out to the back porch and sat down together. She lit both our cigarettes. She even watched as I inhaled. I guess she wasn’t used to her little girl being a smoker. In any case, her attitude was to stay close and not be judgmental. She gave me cigarettes as I needed them. Sometimes we’d try new brands to see if we liked them. Gradually, I worked up to a pack a day of Salem 100s. She must have told my dad at some point. In any case, when Mom and I would go out to smoke, I made no effort to hide from him.

Now it’s 20+ years later. I have to say, I still love my cigarettes. They accompany me throughout the day. Both my ex and current husbands smoke; so that makes it easier.

Starting about 3—4 years ago, my own daughters started getting interested in “Mommy’s hobby.” I won’t say I encouraged them; but when they asked if they could try them, I didn’t refuse either. The older one has just started college. She smokes occasionally. But, Jill, the younger one, and I enjoy going through a couple of packs a day together. She’s 15. A couple of her girlfriends have started to join us, too. I know their parents smoke, so I haven’t tried to not smoke in my house. We get into great conversations.

I guess smoking has enabled us all to stay close, and to share a common pleasure. It’s not for everybody, I know, but it has worked for me. And, I imagine my daughters will probably end up doing the same with their kids.

Smoking Style

Okay, when I started, I was very, very careful to keep it a secret from my friends, my parents, my siblings. Mom is a smoker. I learned how to smoke by watching and actually listening as she smoked. In doing so, I came to be attracted to those few women smokers who had her style.

Mom loves smoking. She inhales for real by my definition based on her style. She loves smoking enough that she drags long and deep, making the filter squeak as she sucks hard, then swallows the smoke every time and never blows it out. She exhales the smoke out her nose in multiple breaths or talks it out, her voice muffled a bit by the smoke. She always smokes white filtered cigs. She started on Chesterfields way before I was born while in the Navy. Then she switched to Kents with the blue Micronite filter later found to contain asbestos. They eventually changed the filter to a white one, but smokers I believe switched and they lost popularity. Mom then switched to what I call a no smoke ultra—Carlton. I caught her putting tape over the air holes to get smoke. The most I ever saw her exhale after a drag was five breaths as she sat inside in the sun where it’s best seen. Oh, and she smokes while eating ice cream after dinner, taking a drag, then some ice cream. She exhales less smoke than she inhales, and it’s less thick at exhale.

That’s how I learned how to smoke. I think I smoke less, but I enjoy inhaling for real. When I see a rare woman smoke this way, I’m flat out am turned on. My fantasy is sharing smoke from what I call a no-smoke ultra brand and then having her give me oral sex while she drag smoke, swallowing my cum with her smoke in a position where I can watch her silhouetted in the light coming from the window. I hope I’m not being weird feeling this way. I haven’t shared this with anyone, but it’s somehow relieving dumping this on whoever reads this site.

I would be interested in hearing about your smoking technique, brand, and how you view my personal fetish.



There are many people loving the smoking fetish ,especially watching feminin women enjoy and love to smoke ,while having sex is some of the most wonderful ever
i am one of those who feels it is absolutely ok that teen girls smoke and want to smoke

Friend's Daughter

Im not sure if 13 is too young or not, but it really depends on the person, Notwithstanding the law.

One of my friends (Christy) lets her 12 year old daughter (Anna) smoke and even buys her cigarettes. Whats wierder to me is that my friend Christy doesnt smoke, but she lets her 12 year old Anna smoke at the house, but only in Anna’s room.

Off hand, this would seem to be way too young to be letting a teenager smoke in the house, but Anna comes across as 12 years old going on 18, and somehow its not a big deal.

Christy’s theory is that its pointless to resist teenage smoking, because they’ll do it if they want to and just start sneaking around if you try to stop them. So she thinks she’s better off not worrying about her daughters smoking, and that she should save her capital for what really matters.

Christy’s policy is that she’ll provides Anna with one carton of cigarettes per week, but only if Anna keeps up her grades to As and Bs. Wierd enough, Annas grades have dramatically improved this past year since her mom started letting her smoke in her room. I suppose it could be argued that its an incentive to stay in your room and do homework, but that sounds too far fetched.

But whats even stranger to me is that my friend Christy has been doing this for a year now, and the only presents Anna wants for Christmas or her birthday are either shoes or cartons of cigarettes. Even last Christmas, I gave Anna a $100 bill as a present, and she wanted me to take her to a gas station to buy her a few Cartons of cigarettes. I felt uncomfortable doing that, so I just agreed to drive her to the gas station and she bought her own cigarettes, (apparetly without even being carded?)

In any event, I thought I was the only person who had ever heard of anything like this; not just letting a young teenager smoke, but actually bribing them with cigarettes. Then I read this board, and it makes me think that this sorta thing is almost common. Who knew?

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