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Komakino 'you do it to yourself, you do...'

get over my fear of moths (read all 5 entries…)

Now I realise my fear of moths may be a bit irrational, crazy even, but when I told my work colleague Andy of this said fear, it was not an invitation for him to take matters into his own hands, find a dead moth on the floor and leave it on my desk in order to help me “face” my fears.

From the girl who feels sick even looking at a photo of a moth you can imagine I was not impressed, not at all. He had even thoughtfully left it belly up on my mouse…

Que silent scream and then I ran away… yes… from a dead moth!


Really can it get any worse?!

Well… apparently yes…

I wouldn’t actually go back to my desk until Pete had put said moth in the bin, in a piece of paper so that It couldn’t get out

Im not sure if I thought it was going to reanimate and attack me, oh lord… shudders

I don’t think I was thinking all that rationally to be honest


mooniebutt is a Mommy!

And said mouse

is now sterilized?

Komakino 'you do it to yourself, you do...'

Well it took me a good 5 minutes to actually touch the mouse… I did demand at one point a Michael Jackson esc glove… only one for my right hand so I didn’t have to touch where it was… but in the end I just got an antiseptic wipe from the first aid box and used that

mooniebutt is a Mommy!



(This comment was deleted.)

Yes, she could subtly retaliate,

or she could just go and kick the bastard in the nuts.

(This comment was deleted.)

Komakino 'you do it to yourself, you do...'


I just wish i was that mean!

mooniebutt is a Mommy!

ha ha

That’s good and evil!

Komakino 'you do it to yourself, you do...'


That is rather good, but as hes a temp and leaving soon il have to figure another way to get back at him! lol!


PurpleHeather hasn't been about much as little Isaac is keeping her very busy!

Perfectly rational fear

I too really really don’t like moths but it’s when they are alive and flying. I have a story but you don’t need to hear it.

I have no problems with any other flying beastie except ones that bite me (if they can bite they bite me mercilessly and leave all others in the room alone)

(This comment was deleted.)

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