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never, EVER grow up (read all 2 entries…)
It's not perfect, but. I guess we can call it done.

There are some ways in which it is better to be mature, and other ways in which it is better to be more like a child. I think I have always had elements of both in me, though not always in the ways that I wish I did. In some ways I think I am way too childish. In other ways, I am too much like an adult. I haven’t achieved that perfect balance and probably never will, though I hope to improve it dramatically. However, while there are some ways in which I hope to become more childlike, and many other ways in which I hope to be less childish, I still think that I am childlike in some ways that are healthy and fun- or at the very least fun and not harmful. In those ways, I hope I never grow up!

I will probably re-add this goal later by using the “I want to do this again” button, so I can talk about fun things I am doing to get and stay in contact with my inner child. Oh, by the way, let me leave you with this idea- get an imaginary friend. Yes, at your age! No, really. It may seem way too childish in some people’s eyes, but if your imaginary friend doesn’t become an excuse for your bad behavior, doesn’t become overly distracting (don’t let it deter you from work, playing with your pets, spending time with others, etc. and don’t pay attention to your friend while crossing the street), doesn’t become too much of a crutch when you’re feeling bad, you don’t let it deter you from making real friends, and you don’t confuse reality with fantasy, what’s the harm? Not only can they ease your loneliness or/and cheer you up at times, but they exercise your creativity and imagination and can be fun to have around ocassionally. Actually, writers sometimes interact with their characters this way to get to know them better. If you’re a writer, that’s one more reason to give it a try!


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