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change somebody's life (for the better) (read all 2 entries…)
Thanks for the invite, coque.

I think i have done this before, but i am always trying to do it again.

What shall we do?



(This comment was deleted.)

I saw that video.

I really enjoyed it, too. I felt very… inspried after viewing it. =) I kind of wanted to do the same thing after watching it… Hmm. I forgot all about that.

I marked this goal as done because I believe I have done this [And, actually, if you see where I posted once, someone I know posted straightout that I’ve changed his life for the better.=)] , but I still think I might post entries on it… Hmm… I might join the team after all. I can work to changing more lives for the better. =)

Thanks for the invite.


Evil hotmail. It says it takes a day for email to be deleted, but it apparently liessss.

Could I maybe get another invite? =)


I want to:
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