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robert is checking out 43t

be in a comedy show like trailer park boys (read all 3 entries…)
Im already in one

My life is a comedy show.

A comedy of errors.

A short time back I met this person, she was nice, I really liked her. Smart, interesting, something to say for herself. We went out a couple of times the last being Wednesday, we had a nice meal laughed a little and had a little smooch even.

Last night, I went out for a xmas piss up. I got hammered absolutely plastered. I woke this morning and said to myself oh oh . See, I called her last night and left a message on her phone. I can’t even remember what I said, my mobile tells me that the call lasted 1:06, it was 11:30pm . Jesus, a lot can be said in one minute six seconds! I know I didn’t tell her anything dumb like I love her or anything like that, cos I don’t. I just like her and thought about a little more than I should have perhaps. Its what I do, I fuck things up , I get a little too keen too soon perhaps, god knows! Dating can be hard work.

This morning, I texted her, Short and sweet I said Sorry. She texts me back, “so is she”, “take care” she says “you are not the one for me” she says, and all that other stuff about have a good life and all that. Im all bewildered, so i get all apologetic and what not, but her minds made up, she doesnt want to know me anymore. Hero to Zero in seconds. No debate, no questions, no discussion, just splat finito. Won’t even talk to me, just asks me not to contact her anymore.

So today or this morning at least, Ive been trying work out where I went wrong. It has to be the drunken call, but she wont tell me, and I cant remember. I know 100% that I wasn’t abusive in the call as that just isnt my style, I was just drunk and wanted to talk with a woman I like, what’s so bad about that I hear myself asking. What does me in is that prior to this, it really was going ok, there was a little connection, the plug was in the socket , the volts were flowing.

What really gets me, is how she can go from one mindstate to another so quickly. No 2nd chances, no ‘look Rob I don’t like drunkeness because of blah blah blah’, just bye bye, ‘please don’t call me or contact me anymore’. WTF is all that about?

God! She’s left me feeling like Im some kind of freaky lunatic or something! Some bad odour or nasty taste or stain, just waiting to be scrubbed out. I’m feeling like ive been kicked in the cobblers, Im mad at myself, pissed at myself for behaving like a drunken arse!Im trying to do the whole, ‘oh well her loss’ thing, and Im also consoling myself with the idea that anyone who can just be that brutal so quickly over something so relatively innocuous is perhaps better left to get on with it; the kicker is though I really liked her, still do even.

Yup, my life is a comedy of errors, I literally feel like Ricky out of Trailer Park Boys. Ricky has the habit of behaving like an absolute nut and getting into all sorts of crazy scenarios and just doesnt get why he ends up in them.

I am Ricky, dating sucks.


Sounds like it is her loss though...

and she is not an understanding person (and who needs those?) ...but am sorry to read what happened. Don’t be too down on yourself, you will probably learn to give your phone into the custody of a trusted friend before your next Xmas party :-). There is a small chance she might realise what an idiot she was, but otherwise you are still free for ms. right.

robert is checking out 43t

Thanks Renia

I think I’ll buy a phone with a built in breathalyser!

I dunno, Im kinda nearing that done with dating stage again. People are hard work, I dont do the whole rejection thing very well at all, especially when delivered in the terse, get over it way it was!

Something has freaked her out, the change in her is pretty dramatic. She’s gone from warm and kind to cold and ruthless real quick. Maybe she met someone else even , but yeah, you are right her loss and all that. Just tired of playing the game. Its no fun being single but perhaps its probably a better place for me for now, Im obviously doing something incredibly off putting. Maybe I should try being an absolute bastard for a change, perhaps that’ll work!

edit: Merry Xmas! :D

mooniebutt is a Mommy!


Don’t change, honey. You’re a catch and if she can’t see that… weeerl, like you said, her loss. I know it sucks hon, but things happen for a reason. She doesn’t sound very understanding if she won’t even talk to you about it. There are better fish in the sea.


robert is checking out 43t

Thanks, Moonie

You are right on the understanding thing too, it’s not such a huge ask to know why now is it?

At times I’m such an awful judge of character! Maybe she just finds it all a little difficult, so has to take that harsh ruthless approach, god knows. In affairs of the heart women are an enigma to me.

Hey, listen to me all doomy and gloomy hope you have a lovely xmas with Hokey and the cats! :)

mooniebutt is a Mommy!

Sounds like

it is difficult for her. There is a way to be nice about these things. And it’s hard to judge sometimes with all those Heckles and Jeckles, darn cartoon, I mean Dr. Jekylls and Mr. Hydes.

Thanks Rob, I hope you enjoy your Christmas too!!

Merry Christmas to you too!!

Don’t turn into a bastard :-), maybe women like a little of both, but don”t go to extremes.

robert is checking out 43t

Nah, to be honest

I don’t think I could be really, a bastard that is though i’m sure an ex or 2 might just beg to differ!

I did hear from her today, and she at least did me the courtesy as to the why’s and wherewithalls of her decision and I kinda got a lot of what she said too. I think the other day whilst in rant mode, I just took issue with how she delivered it I guess!

There are ways and means of doing these things; perhaps an unavoidable side effect is that one party will always feel hard done by, however the delivery.

Still onward and upward eh! Life has to go on of course! :)

Glad to hear you sounding positive!

and that you received some feedback. We really don’t have any control over others actions… we can only control our own :-) Apparently, its not personal… (at least this is what I tell myself)!
Have a great rest of the week and New Year.


Is that all it takes? God how does the human race survive?

Maybe she hadn’t heard the message when you texted her. Is it possible she thinks you don’t like her first?

My friend has agreed not to use text messages with datees any more. I figure that way she can neither be dumped nor dump by text. Plus she won’t end up with abnormally extensible thumbs.

Someone somewhere would love to get your drunken 1:06 min message on their mobile when they wake up. Before you go deciding that she’s not one of them, are you sure she heard it?

robert is checking out 43t

Oh she heard it ok..

But I don’t know what I said…and she wont tell me, I probably sounded a little slurred and tired and prolly uttered a few silly Hi, how ya doing Im drunkisms.

I can do the ‘sorry im not interested thing’ and accept it and respect it for what it is, but I usually see it coming and so when it does Im not too bothered.

Maybe I need to be shot for showing an interest, being keen and all that, thats the kicker, its the bruised ego and all that, Xmas is one of tough enough times as it is without extra emotional bollox on top – The limbo not knowing why is the biggest bollix of it all.How many ways can a man say sorry for being an arse, I just dont understand the need for ruthfless disregard, its not nice and not necesssary.

Anyways, her loss, bollicks to it, why let a person who 2 weeks ago I’d never met just waltz in and trash my inner sanctum, I need to work that out and take some preventative maintenance.

In future, I just might have to try the ‘oh no sorry I dont have a mobile phone’ approach too. Oh to get back to pre techy dating. :D

Merry Xmas Laweeez

(This comment was deleted.)

robert is checking out 43t

Thanks Woo

Yeah, I hear that – I agree, I just really shouldn’t get as narked as I do about these things. Affairs of the heart are always kinda tricky, we all struggle with endings I guess, anyone who doesn’t is either psycho or just a little mean.

Merry Xmas Woo, thanks for the perspective :)


look at you two. That’s lovely.

Merry Xmas (a bit late) to you too!

robert is checking out 43t

Isn't she

just gorgeous! :)

My niece, reminds me of boo from the film Monsters inc.


my daughter has a fringe that’s getting near that too now. She’s so proud! Cos she decided to cut her fringe off (herself) about a year and a half ago and has been on the wrong side of Amelie Poulain for quite a while.

We love Monsters Inc. And it’s one of few dvds we have that don’t convert into French. I feel my teach my children English goal coming on again.

Boo rules! :)

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