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milkbox 2.0! is even happier still :D

speak spanish fluently (read all 6 entries…)

The diploma exam results are out and I passed, the major surprises being that I perfected the listening bit and got a 27,5 over 30 possible points in the oral expression portion! Heh. And I always thought that I was a wee bit deaf and always at a loss for words.

Now the only thing left for me to do is pack my bags and live for a while in a Spanish-speaking country. Oh my, that would be very exciting.



Que bien! Muchas felicidades! Tienes preferencia por algun pais en particular?

milkbox 2.0! is even happier still :D

muchas gracias

Bueno… me gustaria hacer mi master en España en el año que viene y ya estoy buscando universidades e institutos donde puedo hacerlo. Pero tambien creo que seria muy guay si puedo ir a Sudamerica ya que tengo amigos en Santiago y se que voy a estar en buenas manos.

RuthG lives.


¡Muy bien hecho!

De pronto podrías ir a Colombia o Guatemala y trabajar por la paz mientras sigues aprendiendo. Por ejemplo, con Peace Brigades International . . . Es un privilegio y supremamente interesante.

milkbox 2.0! is even happier still :D


Muchas gracias, y sip, tambien gracias por la sugerencia. Me parece muy interesante!

¡Muy bueno!

Muy Bien

Estoy feliz que has hecho tan bueno! Eso es un razon para celebrar. Felicitaciones en tu exito.


At a loss for words?

milkbox 2.0! is even happier still :D


It happens.

I don't doubt that it does

Just never witnessed it, is all.

(wonders if pondering how magnificent the silence would be would get him slapped)

(decides not to ponder to find out)

milkbox 2.0! is even happier still :D


It would look more like this.


Right through the ice. Yes, I’m definitely not pondering.

i'm just shocked

at a Spanish speaking penguin…. Berkeley Breathed would be so proud

One talented penguin

Not only Spanish speaking, but she can design websites (apparently, though there is as yet no external proof of this) and also edit badly written allegedly kinky confessions and transform them into prestige works of erotica.

Des is still alive but has no joy to share


(A little late, but better late than never!)

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