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be more lady-like
Fuck me Ima tomboy!

Ok I dont realy give a….ahhhem :)
I wear baggy mans jeans, huge shirts, no make-up, high top mens shoes, boxers, long blinggy chains and hats.
I could look nice when I want to, but it is nothing close to being lady-like.
I spit, drink beers, chainsmoke, and have a truckers mouth.
On first impressions most people think I am a dyke.
To tell you the truth I am just a hardcore tomboy.
One of a kind I would say.
Im not realy into sports but Ill sit threw a football or a basketball game. I use to love wrestling but it became to fake for my liking.
I am good at doing “girlie” things in the bedroom.
The only thing I am realy unhappy with is that i want a nice figure.
I dont want to be skinny and have no ass.
But I want to be able to wear victory secret under all the manly clothes for that speciall someone to find with being entirely confertable. HELP!



I want to:
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