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get rid of my acne
Several solutions for clearer skin which i need to do

roaccutane = for really bad acne
diane35 (birthcontrol pills, dunno what the medical name of that is) for medium degree acne

benzoyl peroxide is good for the occasional spots (altho it burned my sisters face and now she still has dark spots on her nose from 15 years ago) so i dont recommend it.

i’ve yet to try Proactiv, its been said to work (for a while at least, til you get immune)

I think the reason people get easily spotty is bec they are alergic to dust (like me). My derma has recommended Cetaphil wash, clindamycin solution, tretinoin/glycolic acid to be applied EVERY FRIKKIN DAY. sigh

But what i really want to do is do glycolic peel, a costly treatment that requires going to the derma 3-5x before it really clears up, and stays clear for months (provided that one takes care of their skin).

See a derma if you really are serious about the glycolic treatment :)



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