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return library books on time
Just paid 70 dollars

And I’ve paid hundreds of dollars over the years in overdue fines. I actually decided several years ago to stop going to the library altogether and just order books off Amazon. However now that one of my goals is “Stick to a Budget” I realize I have to learn how to return books on time. That is why the library is supposed to be such a great thing b/c it’s free!!! Unless you can’t remember to return your books or you lose them (which I do often)

And to make it worse….my mother is a librarian….


this has always been my problem

I just cant seem to get my lazybackside to the library to return books.I have had numerous library membership casue we kept moving around a lot.When i relised the book was long long long overdue,i would just chicken out by the fine,that i would never return the book and keep it with myself.The first time i had my lib book overdue was when i was in the 3rd grade,then my mom refused to pay for it,she made me pay out of my piggybank.My entire collection went down the drain.Since then just never told mom abt having lib books overdue.:D


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