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katie_marie Relocating again - on to Edmonton

Beat my depression (read all 12 entries…)
Life Catching Up

My life is catching up to me quickly. In just two days I will start my last semester of university. Oh how I really wish that I could pause everything Zack Morris style and fix everything that is running through my mind. But I have felt better these last few weeks. The inescapable feeling of null pain is gone now I mostly have to deal with what I didn’t want to deal with in the first place lol, plus a few friendships that were battered along the way.
It is hard to admit but one of the things that I noticed was when I was feeling especially bad I was so sensitive to what anything said and I unleashed some incredible rage on friends and said so many things that shouldnt’ have been said. They understand that it wasn’t me but at the same time those things are still out there and can’t be taken back.
I am working on having a good start to this semester. I have 5 classes now, so I am a bit wary about being able to cope with the workload. But, I have upcoming appointments with my counsellor, doctor and even the real crazy doctor (psychiatrist) within the first 48 hours of school starting! That will have to help lol.


JustJ├╝rgen being away helps to return home

I hope

everything works out well for you.
Good luck!

Oogyboogawa can't get enough.

Good luck

Good luck going into your last semester while trying to get everything else sorted out as well. I hope it all goes well.

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