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Barbara Mertusova Just Finished Nano 2009 and still no novel

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Back to the Start

Let’s see, a friend from the past asked me last week how my book was going. I told her I am now starting the third full edit of my novel and I must have it finished this year. I refuse to fail and no matter what happens to the book this is my challenge to myself and hang what anyone else thinks. Sure it is going to take a lot more work than I have already done but I will do that one step at a time, one sentence and one chapter to take away how long it feels to still get it done. Writing a novel is not about my ego, rather it has dissolved my ego. I realize it is not about bragging about my writing, rather keeping my head focused even in the dark times and the lonely times of writing.

I re-worked the first chapter on Monday with just a few changes to the avalanche scene and the start of the second chapter adding the tie in elements that need to be at the start of the book with how it ends. Also more tie ins to the dunes and the sand etc.

I put both of the critical feedback on the first half of my book into folders. I have two people who have read the first half and have given me their opinions of what doesn’t flow, so now I must take into or disregard what they told me as I start forward again.

I just tell myself over and over and over each day that I have to finish this novel this year. Today I am going to work through my lunch hour at work on the book. I will only get this book done by plodding along one hour at a time.


wow…this is really inspiring to me. i am just gettin through a 2nd draft of my novella and am sending it off to be read by a few friends. i have a lot of hope and feel confident that – if i choose to, i can finish it and send it off to publishers/agents. not sure when/if i will do that…but it is a good feeling to know it. it is really inspiring to hear that you are still plugging away.

i grok what you say about the novel dissolving your ego. it really is humbling! it really does something to the soul.

I do hope for the best for you.

Barbara Mertusova Just Finished Nano 2009 and still no novel

Committment dissolves the Ego


Thanks so much for your reply, I needed it. Cheers are great! Going forward and staying focused and not letting my self esteem or my fears or my ego get in the way of my writing is so important to me. This novel has been such a long process. Gads these goals work both parts of the psyche. What I am learning is that real commitment to any project really wipes out the ego. I guess it is because in the process we are forced to face a portion of our deamons.

I read that you are going into the monestary. You are probably already there,I sure wish you well.

I was raised a Lutheran, went through 8 years of schooling in a Lutheran church school and studied that for a great portion of my life. Now, I am studying Kabbalah. It harkens back to my Christian roots in the old testement and I love learning the Jewish mysticism part.

I know you will be learning so much…good luck and take care.

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