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become anorexic (read all 17 entries…)

i cant DO this its so hard today i went from 41 kg right back up to 44 bcoz i thought ‘oh one cookie wont hurt…oh two cookies wont hurt…the hoel PACKET wnt hurt’ then i panicked and tried my hardest to purge…just one last tym, promise! but i cudnt!!
tomoro im NOT eating, in the morning i will do thirty laps of the pool, then ill try and see if anyone will go out with me. anything to avoid this stupd house with its stupid food.

sorry this was a rant but i had to get it off!


(This comment was deleted.)

i can relate

hey thanks for your comment. it helped a lot. so i’ve gone back and forth with being ana and mia depending on where i’ve been living and the best way to become ana is to go from mia to ana slowly. not too slow. in like a week or five days. it’s too hard to just start and not mess up for a lot of people so start spacing out your meals way more and eating less and less and still purging after until you’re hardly eating anything to the point where it wouldn’t be worth purging. then stop purging and just start being ana. when you feel hungry drink ice water cause your body has to use more calories to warm it up and also whenever you catch yourself wanting to eat, you can pinch the part of your body you hate most and think of how fat you’d get if you ate. worked for me.

hope this helps some. again. thanks for your advice. let me know how it goes.

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