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be happy

i do not have time to do stuff that i really like, but i have found a solution! when i travel to school with the train everyday (4 hours in total) i just try to “find the magic” in little things, like lights that say “I love you” on a building, two people smiling at eachother, stuff like that. it easy, dont cost a lot of effort and time and it makes me really happy :)


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For the longest time, as long as I can remember I have done exactly this. Taken this precise moment and found the “beautiful” in it. Whether it is the sound of the silence, the cricket, the tires on the street in the rain, maybe the smell of the fresh cut grass, the dust of the sidewalk, or the deodorant of the man sitting next to me that reminds me of my dad, or it can be the big puffy clouds in the sky, the way the glass shimmers in the buildings when the trucks go by, or how soft the sweater I am wearing feels, or the water adn bubbles on my skin washign dishes. I would point these things out to my kids as they were growing up, making sure that they took the time to enjoy all of these moments of pleasure. I believe that it has added to the joy in my life and now I have passed that gift on to my gilrs as well. I never even realized that I was doing this until I was driving in the car with a friend of mine and her young son, I interupted the conversation to tell him to look at the beautiful colors of the sunset. Our conversation went on as if nothing happended until the following week when my girlfriend called to tell me that her son pointed the sunset out to her again the following week and they shared the beauty of the end of the day together. Life moves swiftly and we must make a concious effort to enjoy every moment. I am proud of you for seeing what so many people miss. HUGS

wauw… thank you very much for sharing!!! have to share this moment with you, when i traveld to school today there was a little ice on the railway it sparkeld in the sun, when i looked around me, al the people where just hanging on the phone, listning to music or reading the paper, no one noticed it! as you said before, people should really take 5 minutes to see this “magic” in every day life!

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