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move out this year
No privacy

Mum read my diary this week and she told me. She was shocked. Why did she have to tell me she read it?!Now it’s awkward to talk to her. I was so embarrassed. I need to move out



I am shocked at this. Parents should not be reading their children’s diaries…that is private and children also need their privacy. I can understand some situations where parents have no choice but to read the diary in order to help the child with some problems, but then don’t tell him/her that you read it. Simply use the information to help you help your kid. This is a big trustbreaker.


Yesterday I found out that “dad” was actually the one who read it first. I’m not in good relations with my dad, I want him out of our lives. He creeped into my room and took my journal and read it. He is a pervert. And then told mum about it and she read it too to see if he was making it up. And then she told me.
I should had never found out they read it, they are sick, especially “daddy”. Imagine a father reading his 22 year-old daughter’s most personal thoughts. He’s got major issues.
This is outrageous. He read it because he had been looking for some time for something to blackmail mum and I and now he found it. I don’t even know how he knew that notebook was my diary. As soon as I’m finishing university and get a good job, I’m moving out. I can barely stand living there anymore.

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Hates technology

“Daddy” can barely use the telephone and remote control. He has never touched a computer in his pitiful life. And I wouldn’t like to know intimate things about him anyway. I would like him to just go away, drop dead or whatever, just go away.

I got over my parents reading my diary. For now, I have better things to do than thinking about how intrusive they were.

They did not suspect me of heavy drinking or drugs, so them prying into my personal life was not justified. It seems “father” has nothing better to do than reading his grown up daughter’s diary and then tell mum about it. I can barely wait to get out of here.

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