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feel beautiful without makeup

i started wearing makeup because of the dark circles under my eyes. They developed because of my allergies. When i look at people I always see them as beutiful even without the makeup and the only thing, even to this day, i hate about myself are the dark circles and i know that i wouldn;’t wear any makeup if i didnt have them. I hate the fact that i have to wakeup every morning and apply mascara, eyeliner, foundation, concealer just so i can cover up the darkness under my eyes. It’s heartbreaking when people tell you “you look sick” or “you look old(er)” and to have this start from a small age, its even worse.



i definitely have the same problem. im half italien and i love it except for the fact that i have darrrk circles under my eyes. ever get “you look so tired. are you okay?” yet the fact that im an insomniac probably doesnt help either. but i always look tired and now i feel not awake when i dont have makeup on. i would love to be able to go a day without it. but i cant.
for you

I have the solution

There are some natural ways to eliminate the dark circles….you can try using chamomile or tea bags on your dark circles..I have been researching and potatos and cucumbers work too..The skin in that part of your face is very delicate and thin.. that is why we can see the blood vessels that are inflammated….these plants alliviate the inflammation…and I also found out that you can bleach your skin with lemon and carrots,,that might help to hide them in case the other methods do not work…I think there are a lot of natural ways to cure those,,,I am starting to do it,,I will tell you the results…I hate those too…but we will be positive :)

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