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learn to relax (read all 24 entries…)
List of Relaxing things to do

(No particular order)
1. Getting Facials
2. Taking a hot bath with nice bath products (Lush bath products)
3. Drinking Pumpkin spice latte (Starbucks)
4. Sipping Peppermint tea before going to bed (decaf)
5. Walking briskly for 30 minutes outside
6. Listening to Reggae music
7. Lighting scented candles
8. Doing Needlepoint/ Cross stitch
9. Cooking
10. Cleaning/ Tidying
11. Working out at the gym
12. Eating chocolate
13. writing letters to friends
14. smiling
15. decluttering
16. shredding old papers and throwing it away
17. shopping for arts and craft supplies
18. hugging
19. sleeping in on the weekend
20. going to a movie
21. reading the weekend newspaper at a leisurely pace
22. having a good laugh
23. talking to someone who will listen
24. planning ahead/ planning things in advance so that they’re not last minute things to do
25. taking naps
26. going to bed early
27. having a hot shower
28. using nice shampoos and conditioners
29. Going for drives around town
30. Going to the beach
31. Walking along the beach
32. Having time to myself
33. Taking deep breaths
34. Watching “the Office”
35. Using hand recovery cream to make my hands feel nice
36. doing my nails
37. Going through old photo albums
38. Catching up with friends
39. Reading
40. Making time for myself
41. Keeping a journal
42. Writing down my plans for the future
43. Having terry cloth slippers (after having a shower)
44. Using warm fluffy towels, freshly washed, and hot out of the dryer
45. Sleeping in freshly laundered sheets
46. Getting my hair washed at the salon
47. Hearing funny stories
48. Getting a head massage
49. Brushing my hair and blow drying it after having a shower
50. Getting a foot and ankle massage
51. Lighting sented oils (pour scented oils onto a ceramic container and lighting the mini candle that is under the base).
52. Listening to Jazz music
53. Listening to Soft Rock music
54. Counting down from 100 (to fall asleep)
55. Eating a delicious dinner
56. Going for a candle lit dinner
57. Knitting
58. Taking photos of things that I see on walks
59. Browsing for new books to buy (reading the covers and reviews)
60. Reading magazines for a couple of hours


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