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Day Eighteen of Cleanse Two: Evening - The Ultimate Test

Well Cleansers, I faced what to me was the ultimate test and passed. A little background info…I love wine, one of those deep lasting kind of loves. In Chicago there is this annual wine warehouse sale where a warehouse of 200 different kinds of wine is 40 – 70% off. There were tastings of reisling, pinot noir, chardonnay, shiraz, pretty much everything, and my favorite champagne. They even had Krug champagne for tasting (a 200 bottle that tastes like glory). This event was today and I went with some friends. Wine was flowing and the vendors kept thrusting tiny cups of wines in my hand. When faced with the champagne that I love so much, I stared at it…..lifted it…almost got it to my lips while rationalizing that it was just a tiny taste…and then…. put it back down. Whew that was a close one. But I did end up buying a bottle of Krug to celebrate 20 days on the cleanse.

Still so tired of the lemon drink. Just have 2 more days after this though, so I’m going to keep trucking. I tortured myself by watching food network…then finally had to get up and post on this site to regain my balance. Thanks for all your support and comments everyone. These past couple days have been harder than I would have thought (just the lemon drink taste is getting to me) and without your posts, I may definitely have ended this earlier than I planned. Good night!


love of wine.....

I would have to agree wine tasting would kill me right now. I’m on day 13 and also think the taste of lemon drink is getting to me! Anyway I commend you with your dedication & will power keep it up your almost there! So enjoy that Krug champagne & cheers to your accomplishment!

double senna really works

not sure if I really want to thank you for the tip but I tried the double senna last night and wow! Today is my last day I’ll start with the O.J. tomorrow. shouldn’t that count as a fast day? Congratualtions with the will power

Congrats on today being your last! I completely agree that the OJ day should count as a fast day, but alas…it seems we are both by the book people. I can’t wait for the OJ day though. Anything to get a different taste then the lemon drink!

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