obtain & maintain a Body Mass Index (BMI) within the range of 20-25, which experts generally consider to be healthy.
I've done this!

I was always told I was ‘big boned’ in high school. My mother was a wonderful southern cook and I loved her fried potatoes. It made her feel sooooooo good when I would devour an entire cast iron pan of fried ‘taters, swimming in Crisco, almost everyday after school and chase them down with a grilled cheese. That, was just an after school snack, bless her heart.

She kept (and still does if I’m visiting) a stock pile of comfort snacks, like BBQ potato chips, Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls, BBQ Fritos, moonpies, RC Colas and Sundrop. Fresh fruit was unheard of in my mom’s kitchen.

Eating healthy was foriegn to me…until I was in my mid twenties. I woke up tired and depressed one morning with a new found conviction to start changing things in my life. Where it came from , I have no idea. I was tired of being tired, overweight, insecure. I wanted more out of life. So, I joined a gym, eliminated ALL (didn’t even go near it) fast food and soda from my life and went back to college!

I fell in love with the treadmill. I could put on my headphones and escape into my own little world. The pounds began to melt away. I walked longer and longer until one day I started running. I was amazed that I could actually run so long and strong. I didn’t think my body was capable. I eventually shed over 30 pounds, earned my BS degree and found a new energetic and very happy me :-)

I wasn’t ‘big boned’ after all.

This is so worth doing, if I can help in some way please let me know.


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Where are the cheers when I need them?
Loads of heart-felt cheer to you.

Congratulations! I fell in love with running only after I found Cardiocoach, not just running, my zest for life increased tremendously.

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Great story

Well done. I know just what you mean with the running, strange how a simple thing like running can increase your passion for life.

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Anais Pinn, Goalie

Thanks for your

encouraging entry. Thinking of it has helped me several times already. :)

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