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Make more money doing my job! (read all 16 entries…)

I am so sick of thinking about it, looking for it and no coming up with anything. I hate searching the newspaper each week to find nothing. I hate the interviews that get you no where. I hate needing a job…much less finding a job. It seems to be the story of my life. And I won’t to end this story in the coming weeks!


Douglas Creative Expression

What sort of job

are you looking for?

I assume you are using the internet to job search. Its way more efficient that searching paper want ads. But you are probably more conversant on that topic than I am.

So I suggest you get support for yourself during your job search. Help with the actual search would be good but I think more important would be support and help with dealing with how you feel about the job search and how you are doing at self-care around the job search as well as general self-care.
If you are open to it I can provide some support for that here in this forum on 43 Things.

I wish you well.

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