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commit suicide

For those who would like to committ suicide but do want to leave anyone with any guilt. what to do before suicide to make it look like an accident:
1. go grocery shopping
2. call relative with good news. be enthusiastic, be excited.
3. plan a trip
4. make your house look like you were in the middle of doing something important.
5. make lunch plans with friend
6. clear cache/erase evidence of doing any research on suicide 7. if you are a student complete any homework projects
8. fill out day planner (if you use one) with important dates 9. turn on tv
10. make everyone feel like you’re happy (ideally do this 4-6 months in advance)
11. go job hunting (even if currently employed…update your resume’ and leave in prominent place)
12. don’t drink or do drugs before you committ the act does anyone have any other suggestions? thanks and let me know!
13. Do not make any suicidal gestures (if you are prone to these) or overtures at least for in year in advance
14. Go to counseling. Make your therapist believe that all is well.
15. Plan your death very carefully to look like an accident

If anyone has any other ideas, olease feel free to post.

Good luck


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wow.. youre a dumb ass

WHAT THE FUCK?!!? listen stupid ass bitch! i dont know why the fuck you would be telling ppl how the fuck to make it look like a fucking accident! let me tell you something you stupid cunt….the ppl on here need fucking help LIVING not how to diee!!!! gawd….. and you would feel okayy with yourself knowing that someone died and you helped them make that happen? because if you do…there are no words to describe you. youre fucking ignorant….. and why the fuck would you say good luck? good luck with killing yourself… hope i helped you die? stupid little biitch! haa… if you have issues with killing yourself then take that up with someone who can help you because helping other ppl do it is fucking dumb…. stupid ass.

You’re a whore.

uh huh? okay well im sorry you feel this wayy.. lol have a great dayy babe.


just let people do what ever the fuck they want to… dont be a busy body, if you have anything to give for the current topic then get the fuck out.

(This comment was deleted.)

Dear xxabbaxx,

its people like u who don’t understand us and insult us and our thought processes that make us want to commit suicide in the first place. I did come to this site looking for this information. I was glad that someone would help me make it look natural for my family. I do care for them even if it is not enough for me to live on in this hell for them. I was beginning to get hope that maybe this world isn’t full of rude, ignorant, and plainly asshole people. U have made my decision for me. I will be commiting suicide. Thanks for your help in making this decision. May god bless you, even though he has forsaken me.

(This comment was deleted.)


Pliny the Elder held that suicide is the one advantage man has over god.

And in any case the argument that one is obligated to continue living because suicide would be hurtful to others is fundamentally the same as the arguments against being true to one’s homosexual desire, or transitioning to represent one’s true gender because of the pain it might cause one’s family. I believe the reasons why those two arguments are not valid are fairly clear, so I will move ahead.

It is painful, yes, to lose somebody close to you. It is also, however, inevitable. Although a combination of several factors, our culture, the fact that many people have a stronger instinct to live, the questions that arise in the minds of survives about the worth of living itself, etc, makes the death by suicide of a loved on more painful than death by old age, we must acknowledge an individual’s right to die, because it is an issue of consent. If we can’t choose not to participate, then our existence itself is not consensual, in other words.

Finally, I question the wisdom of verbally assaulting anybody as a valid means to express compassion for the suffering of others and to nurture the will to live. I don’t really think that you’re motivated by empathy, but by a desire to be “right” enough to feel justified in unleashing your own inner aggression without feeling guilty about it.

I’m not going to swear at you like the above poster did, because I think that was just hurtful, but I really can’t understand why you would post such a thing. It seems quite counterproductive.

ohmm.. hurtfull? ya know what i think is hurtfull..i think it will be pretty damn “hurtfull” for someones parents to find them dead… and the reason they got enough balls to do it was because of some dumb ass puss on the computer!! im just one person but this shit makes me soooo fuckin pissed. you dont seem too concerned… there ARE people who go on sites like this looking for this type of information and this little biitch s passin it outt… thats so dumb… well, if noone else will care… i will… THATS FOR DAMN SURE!

Damn you are an idiot

being abusive doesn't help

I read your posts & it doesn’t make me feel any better. I have suicidal thoughts & if the individual who posted the to-do list for making suicide look like an accident didn’t bother to post – someone else would.

I don’t find your angry comments helpful – it doesn’t help clear any of the stigma associated with suicidal feelings. I don’t feel better about going to talk to someone after reading your comments; I feel worse about it. I feel scared to tell someone that I am contemplating suicide because of people like you.

at a loss for words

Since it is so important for ppl like you to make these posts, I would like to share my story with you. Last summer I received a phone call from my yongest daughter, she said she wasn’t feeling good and was coming home from school. Once she arrived she immediatly went to her room, after 15 min or so she came out and disapeared into the basement. After a short while I called her and there was no answer, I had a gut feeling that I should go check on her. Now b4 I continue with my story, I want to give u some background info. I am a 43 yr old single father, I have aggressive MS, I need to use canes to walk and I’m partially blind. I can not walk fast at all and I have to slide on my butt to get down the stairs and crawl to get back up. After calling my daughter and getting no responce, I scooched down the stairs. Once reaching the bottom I was immediatly panic stricken. There was my daughter hanging, I hurried as fast as I could to get a chair, I unsteadily climbed up and tried to get her down as her body was twitching and gasping for air. Because of my medical ailments I couldnt lift her. I crawled back up the stairs as fast as I could, called 911, my sister and grabbed a knife. I returned to the basment and cut my daughter down, when she fell, she landed on top of me. I sat with her listening to her choke and gasp on her own blood as her body convulsed, then her breathing stopped. I performed cpr on her until the medics arrived but it was too late, she was gone. Later that day we had found a note in her pocket saying that she was mad bc her bestfriend kissed the boy she liked and that this was the ultimate revenge.
Now I’m not writing this to gain any pitty bc that’s not what this is about. Suicide is a horrible way to deal with life’s issues and these postings a horrifying way of encouraging people to go through with it. June 12th 2009 was the most devastating day in my life and I constantly re-live it. My baby girl was only 13 yrs old and took her life bc she felt that life wasn’t worth living bc her bf kissed the boy she liked. What is this world coming to? RIP Mirreca daddy loves you :’(

I am 61 yrs. I just lost my wife,she died in my arms in the hospital last Friday nite. We were happlly and wonderfully married for 33yrs. We have a daughter that is 32yrs. old.She has her whole life in front of her and a good fellow that she is with.since my wife died she has moved home and also her boyfriend has been here for her.My wife though me how to smile,how to laugh,and what it was to be loved for the first time in my life.I feel lost without her.Every place that I look around me at home I see things that give me wonderfull meneries of her and what we had together.I just feel that sience she is gone I have nothing to live for anymore.I still have our doughter but she has her whole life ahead of her. I have nothing left but only entyness and want to be with her again.I feel that I have no reason to keep soon as I can take care of things here for our doughter so she will have what little money we have I feel that I must join my wife to be with her once again.I just feel so enty inside with no reason to go on.She was in the hospital for one mounth and two weeks in icu.I stayed every nite and all day long only to go home for about 47 mins. to take a bath then go back to the icu next to her bed.I felt so helpless that I couldn’t do anything for her but only to watch her die a little each day.I know that I will never have her back here with me,so I must go to her,I loved her so much,I need to be with her

Sometimes nobody will be "hurt"

Before I begin my post, let me tell you a little about myself. I have severe learning disabilites which prevent me from being able to perform a job that pays any kind of a living wage and an intestinal disorder that makes it impossible for me to work full time even at a low income job. My learning disability (NLD) has caused me to develop several other nervous disorders such as ocd, depression, and numerous crippling phobias. I have no friends or family and will always be stuck alone. At the age of 14 I somehow contracted a disease that deteriorated my errectile tissue, making me incapable of sexual activity. As a result, I’ve never had a girlfriend/wife/etc and never will be able to. On top of this, I am slowly losing my vision due to complications of diabetes. Between my mental and physical disorders, my life is a living hell and I have no will or reason to keep living it. Believe me when I say there is NOBODY who will be hurt by my death or will miss me. I have been completely alone for years and aside from a few co-workers who barely know me, nobody will even know that I’ve died. For personal reasons that I won’t get into here I don’t want my death to go down as a suicide and the people who write guides like this can help people like me. Even without them, we’d just kill ourselves anyway so there’s no point in attacking the guy/girl who made this page.


I just read your post. I am sorry to admit that it did make me feel alot better even though I approached the screen in a state of disarray and in tears.

But I feel for you. I really do. Please talk to me, it would make me feel better too.

As you can imagine I too wrestle with inner demons and the common depression.

Email me at

how to do it

how do i make it accident and not painful

This is really what's best

Notan is completely correct. But you can’t short the process. For some people suicide feels like an option with very little going wrong, for some people it will simply never be something they’d do no matter what. Remember that for many people you know it may be the latter, while you may be experiencing more pain than you can bare, you may cause them more agony than you feel now. For them suicide might not be an option, so you might just leave many people you care for in a hell far worse than you are now in. It’s absolutelt essential that you follow through with Notano’s list. If there’s any question in their mind at all they may spend every night alone being tormented by the thought. If you feel you need to die so be it, but do it the right way, don’t risk giving the people who love you a fate so much worse than death. Do what he suggested and I have 2 additions

16) Be particularly proactive in the last month or two so that people will feel like they have a kind of legacy to continue by dealing with your death well.

?) It might be tempting to distance yourself from people right before you die, but don’t; it’s very counter intuitive. They will grieve better if you stay close, they won’t be able to believe it when forensics suggests it was suicide, and they’ll be able to always feel like you’re close without wondering if they have something to regret. Obviously this is no where near enough by itself, its just something you should make sure you do during the 16 steps, and don’t skip them they are very well formulated, this is by far the best solution I’ve seen.

how can i do it so it looks accidental and not painful?

The way id do it

get it to where your working late or just be out alot and at night “fall asleep at the wheel” and go off the road

My two cents

I actually searched to find this information so I am one of those chumps who are looking for a way to end the misery I am in without causing any more pain than absolutely necessary for the ones that are left behind. Suicide is a shitty way to deal with problems I know this I keep waiting and hoping that tomorrow things will be better. Its not happening. You may think it sucked that someone would offer a checklist to make suicide look like an accident, but as another person mentioned, people will do it anyway, why not help those who will anyway, to ease the obvious pain the act will cause others? I dont want to hurt anyone else. I just want to stop hurting and i cant find a way to do that.

Suicide is not a end goal it's a warning

I find the original comment a bit tongue in cheek, because if you regulary socialised, re did your resume, looked for a new job, went for counselling, avoided taking stimulatants like drink and drugs that effect how your mind functions etc, you may well actually by the end of it not feel suicidal anymore.
Suicidal thoughts are a serious mental health issue. If you are having them, the goal is not to type certain things into to search engines in order to feed your mind with info on how to do it or indeed that the act itself is diserable.
When you are young the challenges we face in life might seem too difficult and suicide is actually a fantansy of making all these problems stop. Being dead is an extreme version of a solution. There are lots of other solutions however to changing the circumstances you find yourself in.
Is it your relationship, is it the stress of work. or kids? Is it solitude? is it having to live with painful memories? is it being a bit lost and not finding what you want to do with your life? has someone treated you badly? these are all things that an much older person will have experienced, lived through and changed. Life can be a bit shit, but it is not always shit, it does get better, it is a high and low kind of ride. You may feel you are not built for it, but by being born and being human you actually are.
Look at Nelson Mandela, I wonder if he felt suicidal when he was in prison for 27 years? probably, but now he is the most famous man in Africa and help end apartheid. He kept going even when he didn’t know what the outcome would be. Don’t contemplate sucicide until you have exhausted every single possible avenue of making your life better.
You probably need help to do this, there is help out there so find it and use it. There is no shame in talking about this. There is no pride in keeping it yourself, it may give you a little power and a little fantansy, but ulitmately the life you are living is yours to control. Take back the control.

I often contemplate where people actually go to when they commit sucide. Is it better there? answer: unknown and infact according to most religions and spirtual beliefs, it is not. For example in old norse culture it was believed that those who commit sucide go to a kind of hell called valhalla. We will never know what actually happens on the other side, so I would prefer to take my chances living in the world I know and keep the faith that if I take control of things, life will get better.
Don’t do it, not for your relatives or friends etc, Don’t do it for yourself, for your future, for the children you might have, the job you might get, the person you might meet, the good things you might do, the friends you are yet to come across. Life is unknown take a chance on it.
If you have suicidal thoughts and you come through them you are guaranteed to be a much wiser, more sympathetic and stronger person. You are here for a reason and we are all glad you are here in our world with us.


I’m. 39 with two kids, in the last year I’ve discovered my daughter has been abused, my autistic son has been mentally tortured for 10 years by his dad because I left him when pregnant with my son due to violence. An hour after I told my current partner my ex raped me 12 years ago, the first person I ever told, he had sex with my best friend, who only made friends with me six years ago to steal him and my daughter and wanted me dead or in an asylum. My partner says he loves me, but isn’t in love, he won’t leave, yet can’t find ONE thing he even likes about me. I want to die but I love my kids too much to hurt them.
I’ve been told there’s nothing wrong with my son, I’ve proved that. For the first time ever I can’t, snap out of it, or pull myself together. Every day the world shows me how useless and how unlovable I am. Nearly everything you asked is answered by YES. I just need the pain to stop because I can’t get through the pain this time, enough is enough x

People think I’m impulsive lol they couldn’t be more wrong, I think, I plan THEN I act. I have been thinking how best to end my life for 6 months now and your list has helped me a great deal in my planning. I have decided that a motorbike accident will be best, no guilt for my loved ones. Everyone knows I have always wanted a bike so this seems perfect :) I have just received my provisional licence and am booking a CBT in the next 2 weeks. I took out life insurance a month ago and have been joking with my family about my lack of co-ordination and the likelihood of me falling off during the test. I need to wait until my daughter has finished her GCSEs on the 29th June. I will break up with my partner prior to that. I have made a will in conjunction with my divorce shizzle. Almost everything I need to be in place is ready, just a few smaller pieces of work to do. Thank you for the ideas above, I now realise I would have left things far to neat not to be suspicious. 15 weeks and counting, I can survive 15 more weeks of this pain knowing that I will be free so soon….....

I didn’t read all the comments, but I think this list was a fairly clever way to get people thinking about suicide to get help. The advice that I remember most from a therapist was that sometimes you have to fake it till you make it. I wanted to share that advice. I occasionnally get overwhelmed by a wave of depression (A recent high tide led me to this posting) and sometimes all it takes to get past it is to act normal for a while and go about everyday business until the tide recedes. If the water stays over your head you just have to learn to swim. When you know how to swim, that accomplishment can give you the hope you need to let waters recede. If you can go a year without talking to anyone about suicide when you have been suicidal, I think that you are doing alright and might be able to cope for much longer. It is accomplishment for me to make it one month, but every month I keep trying and I have made it fifteen years now. I don’t think that the pain goes away or gets better, but we can learn to cope and deal with it. Another bit of advice I would like to share is to find a purpose. It doesn’t have to be a grandious purpose like solving world peace and hunger. I took in a stray dog. The dog needed me and I had a purpose and it really helped me. Volunteering and helping someone else out also helps put things in perspective and gives you a sense of purpose for those of us who are blessed with good health (other than mental). Venting in ananymous posts sometimes helps too.

Think about it! We are a virus!

There are about 7 billion people on this struggling planet, and all you do-holders think we all should do everything possible to stop death? You are all brainwashed by traditional Christian bullshit about the value of life.

If someone sees no positive future for themselves, and wants to ensure that their friends and relatives left behind do not suffer, let them go! The world needs to take a far more relaxed view of this.

Yes, even as wonderful life is, everything is a plague.

The worst feeling is knowing you waste everyone’s resources existing. Great list, people will never truly get it before they’ve been there.

I say at least try your truly best before you commit.

Talk to people you love about your depression, don’t mention suicide.
Talk 100% honest to a psychiatrist, and other professionals.
Wait a while.

When all else fails, and there is no other way, you are completely certain; it will happen eventually, and by doing it right, you are doing something good.
This is your biggest accomplishment in life:
Think about that before it ends, this is your most humane, righteous, kind, and just act:

The deception of being happy, and alive while it ended, leaving behind something others can live on with.

Thank you for posting this.

Thank you for posting this. If anyone could add specifics to the discussion about how to make it look like an accident, I would appreciate it. Are there poisons that will kill you painlessly and look natural in the process? I don’t worry that my family will have an autopsy performed. Autopsies cost money that my family would not be willing to pay. But I still want it to look natural because I don’t want a great deal of drama surrounding my death. I don’t want people at the funeral gossiping about how I killed myself. I don’t want Facebook wall posts saying “OMG WHY?”

I just truthfully see no way out. I lost my job in December and have been without since despite applying at dozens of places, even a few beneath what I would consider my social station. I have humbled myself and in the end I have been denied unemployment benefits and a tax return. I will be evicted within the month and taken to court. I will have to sell everything I own. I asked to come home for a month after the eviction to get on my feet, and my own mother told me to go to a homeless shelter instead.

I realize I can’t follow your example of putting on airs to pretend everything is okay, but that’s why I need something to make it look natural. My mother would just gloat over my suicide, you see. She would say I never stood a chance despite “all she’s done” for me. She would make it all about her and everyone would pity her and have no idea of how she treated me in my final days.

There are times when people can, and will, say the most awful things without thinking of possible consequences such as deeply hurting the one they’re addressing.

Everything becomes clearer in hindsight, though.

What I know of you is only based on what you have written here. I hope you still visit this site so you can see my reply to you, particularly since I only created an account here (had been lurking since this morning) just so I could reply to you.

Why should I care whether you end your life or not? I have no idea, but I honestly and most sincerely do.

It could be because one of my daughters killed herself last Feb. 7 (Thursday).

She hung herself inside her clothes cabinet.

I’m still very much devastated and I don’t really know when I can ever get over this, or if I ever can, at all.

You said your mom would just “gloat” over your suicide, if ever.

I wish I could be with you to comfort you and make you keep on wanting to live.

I had tried my best to repeatedly do that for my child, and still, I lost her.

Maybe I could comfort you, and maybe this time, I would be able to dissuade you from killing yourself.

Yeah, I know that this world and our lives can really be a massive pain, but please consider this for a moment - if I, who most likely am living thousands of miles away from you, probably on a different continent even, can care about you and your life even without ever having met you in person at all… you can’t truly say that you’re alone and without anyone who makes you matter, right?

I’d like to talk to you, if you won’t think of it as a breach of your privacy. My e-mail is still.undead @

thank you

Thank you x

(This comment was deleted.)

Some States Pay for Autopsies

I don’t want you to be misinformed. Our family couldn’t afford an autopsy, and yet when my brother died @37, the state performed the autopsy (and paid for it) because it as seen as an unusual death. The coroner also needs to medically determine cause of death. The death of anyone young and with no apparent pre-condition will seem suspicious. Just FYI

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