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I'm so lonely I could cry

I’m 20 and I’ve never gone on a date. And it sucks. Guys don’t like me I guess. I’m not very good at making myself look interested either. I kind of push them away because I’m scared or something, or I mistake interest for creepiness. But I’m so lonely, and I don’t want justa roll in the hay, I want a friend. Because I love so much that I think I would be very bad at breaking up – this is also what scares me. I’m hoping that I can find one guy to be with and love the rest of my life, but is that hoping too much??


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Douglas Creative Expression

It's Not Hoping too much

to hope to love someone the rest of your life. I believe that authentic love never dies, even if the relationship I have with the person happens to end. So you can love someone the rest of your life.

Having a relationship one person for the rest of your life is also not too much to hope for but it does take work from both people. But the burden of keeping it going can become too great if the match isn’t good or was based on unwise choices.

Knowing who you want to be with is easier when you have a clear idea of who you are. One way we become clear about who we are is to date a lot of people until we get a good picture.

I hope you go on some dates soon. You might try online services, like eHarmony or PerfectMatch.com or one of the numerous other sites.

Douglas Creative Expression

Another thing

If you are so lonely you could cry, that gives you an air of desperation, which will likely scare guys off. So get your loneliness needs met with friendships so that once you do meet someone to date, you won’t come across as needy.

So cultivate friendships (both men and women), the more the better.

Actually the more friends you have the more likely that one of them might strike you as more than just a friend.


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