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pro ana
help ... plzz?

ermm well hay im a bit new to this site. Been ana 4 abwt 4 yrs on & off. I’ve put on loads of weight recently and im up to 108lb(& im onli 5’6’‘). yes i no fatty but anyway i need some support. Everyone arround me tells me how bad i’d look if i loose weight and its so hard tryin to hide it from my family & friends. So basically i rele need some help so if anyone can help? thnx & stay strong xoxox



I know how you feel I had to pick up some weight lately due to friends and family interventions:(See they dont know I am ana/mia so whenever they start getting on my case about my weight I have to start eating so they wont notice anything.But I am doing better now and I am here for you girl…


thnx X

thats what happens to me. My famo + friends think that i just dont get very hungry but every now and then people get suspicious. About 6 months ago i dropped down to 94lbs and people started to notice and since then i’ve had to eat a bit more. Its so hard to keep on track with everyone else wondering why i won’t come out to meals with them and looking confused when i refuse their food. xoxo


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