open myself up to people more

It started with my family. Whenever I say something they always think it’s stupid so my self-esteem has gone down. When I am having conversations with people I usually get cut off. I have learned to just listen to what other people say because I don’t think what I have to say is important enough. I wish I could open up more so people could see who I really was. Everybody thinks im just the quiet girl but I am much more than that. I cry a lot because I feel like I am all alone. I have gone through so much in my life and have no one to talk to about it. I cant trust a lot of people so I think that is another reason why I stay to myself. I have been let down so much in my life by people who said they would be there for me. Hopefully 43 things is the first step for me.


I’m in your boat as far as just listening to other people and not talking. I find that it is easier to talk to people when it is a small group. Maybe you could try going to lunch with and talking to someone you feel could relate or at least just listen to what you have gone through. Once there is one person you are close, I think it is easier to get more. It’s really hard, I went through 3 years of college being pretty internal with my thoughts and feelings. I cried about feeling alone quite a bit too.

Let me know if there is anything I can do. Good luck!

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Not Alone

Your not alone with the whole situration. Im in the same boat as u and bubsatoria too.

The situration is what u make of it. For me it is easier to talk to a person not face to face – like talking to them through wordz – then once ur comfutable with the person hang out with them and get to know them face to face more. U’d be supraised with wat everyonez like.

For me I started talking to this guy from school over msn that I see around everyday but never actually talked to him at all. After a while we hanged out, and he started to notice me at partyz – no one ever noticez me.

Start with one person then make ur way through the crowd then everyone will be talking to yall.

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