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how to read the Quran easily

Hello, guys! Now to read the Quran easily, you will need two things that i am willing to help you with. So, you need a book translated in a modern English and an Cd audio translated in a modern English too. I will provide both for free to everyone if you guys want. I also know an website that gives away free ebooks with a good translation. You could also go to this following link to get a free book mail to your home. http://freequran.org/order/product_info.php?products_id=30
A lot of books have an old translation, but this above web page does give you a moderned translation. The book is good , because it has comments regarding the different themes of the Quran, but problem is sometimes you do not like reading or you just get tired after a busy day. And that’s when you use the audio. The audio is great but it is not easy to find a recent moderned translation, which i can provide, because i had a special order of it. But the audio does not have the comments, that’s why you may need the actual book sometimes… I’ll stop here for now. Please let me know what you think about this. Wassalam! Please view my blog regarding very interesting topics.




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