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Hello to everybody!
I like to start this section, a question why read the Quran? The answer is undertanding Islam and Muslims. Islam being a religion which call people to justice, peace and believing in one Lord which is Allah, who originated creation, and send down guidance from Adam, to Noah, Ibrahim, Moses… so on until Jesus, and finally Muhammed(peace upon them). All of them being only prophets and servants(worshippers of Allah). The Quran also states that all these messagers conduct their duties for a set period of time until people go back to their “old ways of behaving”, which means neglecting teachings from their appointed prophet, twisting his message by lack of knowledge and his gospel(ie, religious events reported after the departure of the appointed prophet) and doing all kind of sins, but Allah always send them another prophet, by His grace and mercy. That, was the case until Muhammed(peace upon Him), which is a turning point for humanity. This last messager was sent at a period where the humanity has reached a great level of civilisation(500 after J-Christ). Reading and writing were mastered, along with philosophy, maths and its related branches, and Astronomy was known better. So, at this point humans do not have no excuses for forgetting or neglecting the message, since everything is well recording. The Quran explains this implicitly and explicitly in its pages;
As far as being Muslim is understanding the above message regarding Islam, believing in it and act upon it according to the teachings of the last prophet. In brief, this is an general picture that we could draw from the reading of the Quran. Yet, after a good reading of the Quran you’ll feel something really big and different. Just think about a food that you like the most, if I describe it to you and you taste it, you see that the words cannot really express the experience you get from eating your favorite dish. check out my blog for more on Islam http://www.realdin.blogspot.com/



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