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Hello! how are you guys doing? To tell a little bit about myself, my name is Hajji.
So you all want to read the Quran? Well I believe I have good ideas that may help you realize your goal. Now, we notice that people are very interested in Islam, especially since the 9/11. People want to know what’s so particular about Islam that pushes some individuals( far from following the practice of Islam) to cause terrorist attacks. The Quran is very interesting, and you’ll know a lot about Muslims if you read the entire book, but believe me you’re not going find any information about terrorism. The main information that misleads many ( the so call “Muslims” Hijackers being their leaders) is the word Jihad, which could mean holy war, referring to the battles the prophet Muhammed(S.T.A.W.S) went through with his companions, for the only purpose to defend his territories against the ennemis that wanted to end Islam, or help the oppressed people from rulers(especially those who desired to convert to islam but didn’t have the freedoom to do so); the Quran brings clear information on that.
Other possible causes for a misinterpretation of the Quran:lack of knowledge of Islam, not being familliar with the holy book, precipitation by drawing quick conlusions, lack of wisdom…Check out my next sujet for how to read the Quran very easily. May God blessed you! Check out my blog for more http://www.realdin.blogspot.com/


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